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Community Center Interior Design Solution in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Community Center Interior Design

A community center is a vital place, where individuals gather on occasions to celebrate; share stories, joy, sorrow, and ideas; make communal decisions; eat, drink, and whatever else comes to mind. It is crucial that the community center interior design replicate the values and mission of each event; facilitating this is a tough challenge.

You may give it a try, but failing will cost you money, time, and effort. Interior Studio Ace, a well-known design company in Dhaka, Bangladesh, is always beside you finding the best spatial tracery solutions that connect function needs, space management, and aesthetic greatness.

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Community Center

Characteristics of A Perfect Community Center

The below issues are considered positive characteristics of a community center interior design.

  • Beautiful gate-ornamentation.
  • Wall decorated with an artistic color scheme.
  • Comfortable waiting room.
  • Top-notch kids' zone furnishing.
  • Wide & functional kitchen space.
  • Dining decor with easy-serve facilities.
  • Abundant hand washing facilities.
  • Organized parking facility.
  • Maximum inclusion of greeneries.
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Interior Studio Ace Offering Features

Interior Studio Ace Offering Features

Interior Studio Ace’s core concept in community center interior design rests with the establishment’s goals. In the process, we also take care of the following concerns:

  • Our furbishing consists of a greater transition between spaces.
  • The generated stylistic solutions embrace each individual’s well-being.
  • We intend to transpose the space into the cornerstone of the community.
  • Our fascinating ornamentation can serve all the respective purposes.
  • We consider the users and their needs.
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Shahnaz H.


I engaged the services of the company to paint the interior of my 3,500 sq.ft. home as well as furniture polishing. Given the fact that we were living in the premises during the painting they ensured minimum disruption. Read Full Review

Hafiza A.


I am highly satisfied with the whole work. They have painted the exterior of my house and the job is very neat and clean. Thanks to the company and the management. Hope to do some future work with them. Read Full Review

We Create Your Community Center More Functional

Studio Interior Ace thinks beyond boundaries. We would like to share some insightful thoughts regarding the respective inner ornamentation for this happening place.

Community Center

To Promote Health and Wellness

You may have observed that the communal gathering place in your neighborhood is used only for a few days a month. To add value to this establishment, we would like to propose accommodating a small gymnasium for daily use.

To Facilitate Community Learning

As we value education and knowledge, our visual depiction situated learning at the center. Whether the allocated space is large or small, we prefer that members intermix in this space to share knowledge and life lessons on a daily basis.

To Connect the People

By facilitating a wide variety of needs, we focus on developing your community’s all-inclusive relatedness.

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More Services Offered by Interior Studio Ace

Interior Studio Ace ventures are not restricted to community center interior design. We offer home, office, hospitality space, villa, furniture, and lighting design services in Dhaka as well as all over Bangladesh.

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People Also Ask

A multi-purpose public center is usually decorated to meet the various needs of the members. It promotes social and mutual interconnections and shapes the perception of self-reliance, social liability, and cohesion within the community.

Apart from a larger banquet hall, a civic center must have spaces to facilitate other social activities and services. It should include a gym and fitness facility, a large kitchen, indoor games, a reading facility, a small meeting room, etc.

The measurement of capacity should be a top priority in the planning process. The capacity must meet the space required to accommodate all members while allowing enough space for guests. The parking lot’s size is also a greater concern.
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