TV Unit Interior Design

TV Unit Interior Design in Dhaka, Bangladesh

TV unit is a crucial tool for your family’s entertainment, releasing stress, and accommodating the joy of a movie night. Though the significance is greater, TV unit interior design challenges the overall interior when switched off. It becomes tough to define the design statement with the large black screen.

Interior Studio Ace in Dhaka, Bangladesh, has come up with the latest design ideas to make this ornamental component more functional and in sync with the overall interior. But, first, we should know the most common styling solutions for this unit.

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Most Common TV Unit Interior Designs

As per the client's demand we design any kind of TV unit, most common TV unit interior designs are -

TV Unit with Shelves and Drawers

TV Unit with Shelves and Drawers

Currently, a TV unit is not just dedicated to your large screen. The unit consists of a number of shelves and drawers to place books, DVDs, remote controls, speakers, vases, etc.

Moveable Modern TV Stand

A Moveable Modern TV Stand

Many people are now looking for a TV stand with a roller to transform any room in the house into a living room. The popularity of this practice is high among those who prefer to watch their favorite shows while lying in bed.

Wall-mount TV Unit

Budget-conscious people are going simple by fixing the screen to the wall and placing a small table with appropriate height with it to keep the accessories.

Low-lying TV Unit

It's as simple as having a 12-inch-high cabinet and putting the TV on top of it. The cabinet’s cupboards are utilized for storing the accessories and other related items.

It is undeniable that the above ideas are common and not a brain-storming solution. Those are basically based on the concept of "Just having the Television to Watch." If you care about interior design and want to circulate the meaningfulness of the spaces, we highly encourage you to explore our professionals’ ideas.

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TV Unit Interior Design: Top-notch Ideas

If you are reading this, you can mark yourself as a sophisticated person who counts every design component’s purpose and value. So, Ready-Start-Go…

Customised TV Unit

Customised Unit with Keepsakes

Wire concealment is always a challenge, as is mixing up the space without disrupting the overall design of the living room. A bespoke solution offers a wire-hiding option while shelves and cabinet cupboards serve related items’ storage facilities.

TV Unit As Space Divider

This design concept allows you to create a designated space for family entertainment without overwhelming other setups. Designers’ racks with ample storage capability and without backdrops can make it happen. Mind, this is not a kid-friendly solution for easy-to-reach electric components.

TV Unit A Central Piece

Make The TV Unit A Central Piece

It’s a minimalist concept that fits in a small living room but allows you to have a big screen. Being the focal point allows for the display of souvenirs, books, artworks, and ample storage while accommodating larger seating arrangements and ample space for other decorative items.

Fully-flagged Bespoke

It seeks prior planning towards building a wall with wire-hiding and more storage facilities. It also allows placing books, vases, miniatures, sculptures, etc. Wooden panels can be handy, but you must put some serious thought into choosing a color scheme.

Blend The Background

This concept takes into account the color of the living room, the placement of greenery, the lighting, and so on, and consists of wooden framing solutions with drawers. With flexibility over size and color, this TV unit interior design idea suggests having a designated spot.

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Truly, the latest TV unit interior design needs to include the statement of the overall living room interior design and retain a greater transition between other house spaces. You may consider other services of Interior Studio Ace, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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Chapalish, Gamari, Sil Koroi, Jarul, Teak, etc. are the best suit options. With greater seasoning, these possess lower shrinkage and expansion.
The whole unit can cover a wall, but the TV positioning must consider the line of sight from the seating arrangement.
You can use tiles and should not go for large slabs or natural stones. The 800 x 2400 mm tiles can be used.
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