Turnkey Project Construction Firm in Dhaka

Turnkey Project Construction Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Turnkey project ideas are getting more popular day by day. For any turnkey project, choosing the right design is important because a proper design will lead you to get the expected output. Interior Design Ace provides turnkey project construction designs all around Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our expert designers are able to meet your expectations.

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What is Turnkey Project?

A turnkey project is a handover method where a single entity (a contractor) works with a project owner/owners under a single agreement to complete
a to z stage of a project from the detail engineering through construction.

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Types of Projects Interior studio Ace Design

Types of Projects Interior Studio Ace Design

  • Large Construction Project
  • Giant Commercial Area
  • Industrial Park
  • Group Residential Project
  • Combined Institutions
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Facts We Focus on Designing Method

  • The Client’s Needs

    When designing a Turnkey project, it is important to understand the client’s needs and requirements. This helps us ensure that the project is designed to meet their specific needs.

  • Understanding Project Scope

    We ensure that the project scope is well-defined and includes all of the necessary features and components in the design so that you can complete the project accordingly, on time, and within budget.

  • Proper Design Development

    We will provide a proper assessment to define delivered designs for your turnkey project. So during construction, it can be implemented without facing any difficulties. We also provide facilities for future consultation regarding our design.

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How We Design in Interior Studio Ace

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  • Consultation on project proposal
  • Site visiting and perquisites analysis
  • Budget and schedule planning
  • Planning design and drafting
  • Piping and instrumentation design generation
  • Getting approval and processing the final design
  • Handing over the final design to the clients
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Advantages of Having Design Service

Advantages of Having Design Service by Interior Studio Ace

  • Design as per the client’s requirements and needs
  • Optimize design strategy
  • Detailed and Structural Design
  • Design to improve end-user experience
  • Design development maintaining budget and schedule
  • Accuracy in the project design
  • Design that is easy to implement without error
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We are one of the best interior design firms in Bangladesh. Our skilled designers are equally proficient in all sectors of interiors. We offer-

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Common Questions

Turnkey projects eliminate the need to hire separate contractors to perform the design and building phase. Meaning you don’t need to hire different contractors for designing and building. Turnkey project contractors manage it all.

Turnkey projects consolidate multiple contractors into a single point with faster development time, reduced development costs, and provide early risk transference. I also increase profitability and marketability faster.
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