Hospitality Space Kids Zone Design in Dhaka

Hospitality Space Kids Zone Design in Dhaka

Kids Play zone can play a vital role in restaurant and hotel business. Now a days creating a kids play zone in a restaurant is not very uncommon business tactics used by the owners.

Children are gracing our world­­­- we are sure that you will agree with us.

But whether they belong in a restaurant, in your restaurant? You bet they do, if the catering facility suited them! The youngest guest can become your best guest!

Probably you are thinking how they can become your best guest when the average child, depending on age, eat two or three times less than adults?

Well, they can, if they cannot at least their parents, elder brothers, sisters and relatives do.

First and most important is to understand why children are an interesting target group of restaurant guests. Kids are strongly influenced in habits of their parents. Because parents often decide to eat where their little ones feel comfortable and happy.

Family with children often do not stay long time in your restaurant or do not visit at all if your restaurant is not kids friendly.

From an early age, children learn and acquire eating habits that will remain when they become adults. If they like your restaurant now, they will probably like it for another ten years.

Kids Playground Design for Your Restaurant

In Bangladesh restaurants are often used for celebrations such as kid’s birthday parties or for family gatherings. Consequently, Children and their spending power should not be underestimated. Children are one of the best customers that can become one of your best guests if their parents are considering that your catering facility is good enough for whole family.

If you have quite a large restaurant which has enough space to accommodate a kid’s play zone then you should not make any further delay!

Call Interior Studio Ace for Getting Kids Zone

Interior Studio Ace has a wide range of options while customizing a kid’s play zone for your business spot.

Our designs can be easily customized by your space, your audience and your budget, while implementing the strictest design standards to create safe, fun and exciting play experiences for kids of all ages and abilities, while maximizing return on investment. Our playgrounds are proven family attractions!

Kids Zone Design Sample by Interior Studio Ace
Kids Zone Design Sample by Interior Studio Ace
Kids Zone Design Sample by Interior Studio Ace
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