Drawing Room Interior Design

Drawing Room Interior Design in Dhaka Bangladesh

A drawing room can be compared with a court for all the gatherings, functions, gossip, and programs of a family. So, a beautiful and modern drawing room is the reflection of the choice of the house owner.

Interior Studio Ace is a leading design company in Bangladesh. We provide integrated drawing room design services that are easily adaptable and trendy. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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Different Types of Drawing Room Interior that We Design

  • Minimalistic Style drawing room
  • Modern Style drawing room
  • Traditional Style drawing room
  • Rustic Style drawing room
  • Simple Style drawing room
  • Eclectic Style drawing room
  • Transitional Style drawing room
  • Craftsman Style drawing room
  • Farmhouse Style drawing room
  • Mid-Century Style drawing room
  • Asian Style drawing room
  • Shabby-Chic Style drawing room
  • Victorian Style drawing room
  • Southwestern Style drawing room
  • Open drawing room design
  • Large drawing room design
  • Small drawing room design
  • Drawing cum dining room design

Our A to Z Drawing Room Design Service

TV Wall

TV Wall

Drawing room TV wall design is a significant part of our design. We try our best to design a TV wall with a modern theme and keep it proportionate to the actual room size.



The furniture of the drawing room can be considered as the ornaments of the room, which may change the look within no minutes. Another vital point of ours is designing drawing room furniture with the top-notch furniture of the market.

Wall showcase cabinet

Wall Showcase Cabinet

To display the wonderful achievements, showpieces, and embellishments of your house, we decor your drawing room with trendy and qualified wall showcase cabinets.



The lighting system of a room is the game changer in expressing the look. Our team provides the best possible ways of lighting so that you can feel cozy, cheerful, and relaxed with the soft but sharp reflections of lights.

Factors We Consider During Drawing Room Design in Dhaka

  • Comfort

    We always consider comfort for modern drawing room design. Maximized spacing from the given floor, widening the view of the room and making it cozy are our main targets.

  • Shape and size

    Shape and size consideration is a major point while designing a unique drawing room. We make the interior rationale according to the shape and size of your drawing room.

  • Colors

    We believe that a suitable chrome color will extract the perfect visualization of the drawing room. A combined or contrast of colors is applied during the designing phase.

  • Ceiling

    The space and height from the ground of the ceiling of the drawing room is another factor to be considered so that we can decor the ceiling with hanging lights or false ceiling according to its need.

  • Cost

    One of the main factors in designing the drawing room is the cost. We try to give the best outlook from the minimum cost.

  • Uniqueness

    Apart from other factors, our motto is maintaining our uniqueness in the design of the drawing room.

Our Organized Design Process Steps

Our Organized Design Process Steps

  • Depth Discussion with Client and Site Surveying
  • Design Upgradation Considering Space and Requirements
  • Thematic Choices Based on Surroundings
  • Applicable Design Service
  • Alternative Options If Necessary
  • Project Installation and Implementation
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Benefits of Our Design Services

Benefits of Our Design Services

  • Designs that address your needs and specific requirements
  • Innovative and simple construction
  • Designing a space as efficiently as possible
  • Design with creativity and dynamism
  • Affordably priced with a high-quality design
  • Inspiring designs for particular workplaces
  • Durable design solutions
  • Project completed on schedule
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People Mostly Ask

You should hire an interior design company for a convenient, modern and elegant outlook of your drawing room. The visual look, cost, geometric proportion and uniqueness will be ensured.
Yes, there are differences between drawing rooms and living rooms. Living rooms are a bit informal and private but the drawing rooms are formal places for the guests' entertainment.
A drawing room is a place of family gathering for entertaining guests and friends on occasions and programs.
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