Lawn Garden Interior in Dhaka Bangladesh

Lawn Garden Interior Design Service in Dhaka Bangladesh

Designing a lawn garden is similar to designing any other feature of your interior. But you’ll need to think about a lot of things such as which lawn design will suit your space, lawn sizing, placement, etc before you start.

To help you from all these headaches, Interior Studio Ace provides lawn garden interior solutions. With years of experience, we are offering lawn design services in Bangladesh.

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Essential Element of Lawn Garden

Essential Element of Lawn Garden

The primary component of lawns is grass. Lawns may have a combination of two or more grass types. The climate also influences the type of grass. Warmer temperature grass species are suitable for Bangladesh weather. You may select from the following grass for your lawn.

  • Bermuda Grass
  • Centipede
  • Dichondra
  • Floratam
  • Zoysia

Different Types of Lawn Garden Design Based on Different Spaces

Residential Spaces Commercial Spaces
Home lawn gardening Restaurant lawn gardening
Resort or Villa Rooftop lawn garden design
Farmhouse or Vacation House Corporate office building
Backyard Lawn design for Parks
Road lawn design
Playground lawn design
Different types of lawn designs

Different Types of Lawn Designs We Provide:

  • Vertical lawn for building
  • Front rear lawn design
  • Garden lawn design
  • Small lawn area in house
  • Indoor lawn design
  • Artificial grass lawns design
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Factors We Consider During Lawn Gardening Design

  • Lawn Sizing: It’s very important for putting all the elements in the right place. For example, whether the turf will cover the whole space or be used as borders, or be installed within any specific design in the lawn.
  • Local Climate Conditions: The turf of your lawn garden hugely depends on the climate of your location. While designing we keep that thing in consideration and design accordingly.
  • Placement: We consider the placement of the lawn like whether the lawn is for highlighting garden beds, how much shade the site gets, the location of trees near the lawn, the drainage system for the lawn, etc.
  • Usage of the Lawn: We design according to the location and how the lawn is to be used. For example, designs for home lawn gardens will not be the same as lawn garden designs for any corporate office.
  • Design Choices: A lawn garden is not just about covering it with turf. There are so many designs and styles of turfing. And we provide different lawn garden styles and consider our client's choices before designing.
Our Organized Design Process Steps

Our Organized Design Process Steps

  • Measuring Site and placement
  • Initial concept for lawn garden design
  • Choose specific designs if clients prefer
  • 3D visualization of the design
  • Design finalization
  • Design handing over
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Why You Should Choose Us

  • Professional landscape designer for designing the perfect lawn
  • Proper placement consideration
  • Full guidance from planning design to execution
  • Designs rendered by our expert designers
  • Trendy and modern lawn garden design ideas
  • 3D model visualization of the lawn design
  • Deliver design within the scheduled time
  • Budget-friendly durable lawn design

People Mostly Ask

It depends on the size of the turf, the lawn sizes, design and style, space condition, etc. Mostly it takes more time in the designing phase than installing the lawn.
A lawn professional will have the skill to understand the purpose and always include a bid for installation or anything else that needs to be done to design your lawn. They can often save you a lot of time and headaches.
You can fill your oddly shaped lawn garden or corner with water features, planters, sand pits, sculptures or garden seating nooks. You can hire a professional to renew your lawn for an aesthetic and perfect lawn garden.
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Please tell us about your residential home space or commercial space requirements. One of our creative, modern interior designers or interior decorator will walk you through our service options.