Retail Space Design in Dhaka

Retail Space Design in Dhaka

Retail design is a very specialized discipline due to the heavy demands placed on retail space. Because the primary purpose of retail space is to stock and sell product to consumers, the spaces must be designed in a way that promotes an enjoyable and hassle-free shopping experience for the consumer.

Interior design, lighting, furniture,  floor, ceiling, placement of your product and window display of your retail store reveals much about your business reputation and brand image.

A store’s layout is one of the key strategies in its success--therefore, a lot of time, effort and manpower goes into its design. Retailers use layout to influence customer’s behavior by designing the store’s flow, merchandise placement and ambiance. Layouts also help retailers understand how much revenue per square foot they are making; using this information, they can properly assess the strengths and weaknesses in their merchandising mix.

Retail Space design determines how customers shop. The longer a customer is in a store, the more likely she or he is to buy--therefore, the goal is to keep the him/her shopping longer.

A retail space design is a merchandising display that attractively showcase shop inventory or featured products. An immense number of products in the retail market are competing for attention. And the offer of new brands seems to increase day by day. Take the right steps to make some profits and don’t leave any lacking when designing your retail shop.

Custom retail space design is a clever investment to make when aiming at featuring your product and rising your margins. Creative retail display design is requisite in a successful retail store. These retail fixtures draw attention in a competitive retail store floor and can be designed to target your ideal customer base. Whether or not a customer decides to buy your item, it depends largely on the style your product is displayed.

Great store design is not only about matching colors and materials harmoniously and using elegant lighting solutions to reinforce a recognizable store branding. Deployment of the optimal display type with appropriate choices of size, shape, material and color can be the single most determining factor for driving purchase conversion.

Additionally, retail displays can be designed to optimize the amount of merchandise to be displayed on a given limited floor space. Retail space is rare and precious make sure to get the most of each square foot.

ARight choice of retail display and retail space design will help store owners to differentiate from other stores and persuade shoppers to come in, stay longer and come back. A store without smart retail display positioning and a highlighted store theme, will be automatically associated with a cheap items shop and won’t be able to drive high margin sales for brand products.

For the manufacturer the purpose of using a uniform retail display design for all stores is to strengthen the unified company message. It has an immense effect on brand recognition even if your product range changes from time to time, the branded retail display still attracts shoppers to see what’s new on offer from your company. Custom retail display is actually the only practical way manufacturers have, to control about how their products will be perceived in many different distribution outlets.

Most of buying decisions are made at the point of sale. So the most important factors are location, store and interior design and display design which will decide whether or not your products get noticed and your efforts will secure ROI. If well designed and optimally placed in the retail space, custom retail displays show improved results on your bottom line profits. A tailored retail display for your brand is a safe investment to boost your profits in a competitive market.

Sometimes the best thing about going shopping is seeing a fabulous new space that stops you in your tracks. That’s what smart branding and innovative design can do together. If you want your brand matched with distinctive design and/or architecture, let Interior Studio Ace show you the work of the best, most versatile retail designers.

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