Bank Interior Design Service by Interior Studio Ace

Bank Interior Design with Latest Office Wellness

If you’re a Bangladeshi bank owner trying to set a national benchmark, you have come to the right place. Or are you a new bank challenging the status quo? Either way, spotless branding, and design can boost your organizational growth. Interior Studio Ace is the leading bank interior design agency in Dhaka, promoting your core message and business values.

Full-Service Bank Decoration in Dhaka by Interior Studio Ace

Full-Service Bank Decoration in Dhaka

Comfort is the first rule of law for bank layouts. So spacious seating is a must. An elegant outlook then seals the deal for you. Years of experience in the service sector have taught us the keys to stunning commercial design. Interior Studio Ace offers the best bank design for smooth operations, staff mobility, and enhanced customer relations.

  • Clever storage facility
  • Simple maintenance
  • Commercial-grade components
  • Stylish design
  • Lifetime support
Corporate Office Interior Service by Interior Studio Ace

Light-Filled Corporate Office Interior

Bank design near me has been redefined with the balanced use of daylight and artificial light. The layout delivers a healthy psychological boost. A brilliant luminosity output brings the best out of the staff. Lighting is a crucial detail in bank interior design. Different rooms have individual purposes. They require tailored light intensities.

  • Mellow LED, alcove, & sconce lighting, neither harsh nor dull
  • Maximum synchronization of outside light
  • Numerous lights, such as overhead lights, ceiling lights, and table & floor lamps
  • Halogen lights for inescapable security
  • Corrective lights for removing the blind & obscure spots

The bank premise becomes meaningful, including the banking hall, office area, and conference room. The illumination ensures workplace and eyesight safety for increased employee performance.

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Sophisticated Banking Interior Solutions by Interior Studio Ace

Global Sophisticated Banking Interior Solutions Near You

Top designers in Dhaka closely follow international bank interior trends. Then, we translate the best decorative features into your place. For instance -

  • Revenue-driven design
  • Branded ecosystem
  • Scalable decor solutions
  • Consumer-centric interior

So your proud brand identity captures the public imagination. Clients rush to have next-level banking experience. Our bank interior design ideas build absolute trust. We foster client-bank confidential financial engagement.

Corporate Interior Design for Improved Office Environment

Corporate Interior Design for Improved Office Environment

We specialize in commercial layout design and work with top-brass executives. A professionally refined environment includes work rooms, boardrooms, service sections, and other spaces.

Posh cabinets and carpets make the atmosphere feel good. Eco-friendly and nature-based designs improve staff and customer well-being. Hassle-free decoration starts with planning and ends with execution.

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Remove Existing Banking Setup by Interior Studio Ace

Remove Existing Banking Setup & Launch New Offices

Banks often move to new places or open new branches. They might settle in an office that previously used to house another company. Sometimes, they occupy a new building or floor as well. Hence, they may have to demolish a prevailing interior outfit or build a fresh one from scratch.

Interior Studio Ace helps you with both these transitions. Moving into a new office is a significant challenge for a corporate organization. Our designers turn the move-over process butter smooth for you. Our bank interior design includes everything from color schemes and durable fabrics to furnishings and fixtures.

Interior Studio Ace: Top Interior Firm in Bangladesh

We provide a-z solutions of interior design. From small parts to large-scale projects, our skilled designers create the perfect design according to the client's demands. We are very special in-

Frequently Asked Questions

Large banks or elite organizations prefer rich greens and their shades alongside quality and classic furniture. Often, the brand color becomes prominent across the office rooms. Occasionally, company headquarters feature tropical colors and bold patterns.
Studies found that bright, warm, and white lighting uplifts the energy and wakefulness of the staff.
Dimmer lighting enhances recreational areas to create a more relaxed atmosphere.
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