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Enthusiastic IT Office Interior Design in Dhaka, Bangladesh

An IT office is a place of technical work. So, the design of it should be functional and inspiring for the workers. Creative interior design solutions for your IT workspaces could be a better experience for the employees while working because the work atmosphere impacts performance.

Interior Studio Ace provides a wide range of interior design services throughout Bangladesh. We provide dependable and unique IT office interior design services in Dhaka. We create designs that are particularly suited to your IT office environment.

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Interior Studio Ace Offers A to Z Solutions for Your IT Office Design

Interior Studio Ace offers A to Z interior design solutions for your IT office, such as-

Reception Desk Designing

Reception Desk Designing

We offer proper reception desk design regarding the suitable desk shape, size, exact lighting, reliable desk elements, and layout. So that it is easy to navigate.

Server Room

The server room is the most important part of an IT office. We design server stations considering all security aspects in mind.

Workstation Area Design

Cable Management

Cable management is essential for any interior especially for IT office interiors. We manage to arrange all cables properly with efficiency in our design.

Workstation Area Design

We offer different workstation designs such as benching, L-shaped, team-station, ergonomic, privacy cubicle stations, and many more based on the client’s perception.

Conference Room

Board Meeting/Conference Room

A meeting room is where most of the plans and strategies take place. Our designers ensure well-designed meeting rooms with needed elements.

Lounge Area Designing

A lounge can be a relaxing place for the employee and casual conversation. We provide lounge area design that is comfortable and professional as well.

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Steps of IT Office Interior Design Services


Depth Consultation with Client and Site Inspection

We provide a depth consultation service to our clients. We analyze our clients’ preferences and determine the scope of work after visiting sites.


Design Development Considering Space and Needs

Following a thorough site inspection, we proceed to elaborate and strategic design. Our design is based on our client’s space and needs.


Theme Choices Based on Environment

We offer various theme choices to our clients basing the environment we need to create. We design creative and trendy designs that will make your workplace look professional and creative.


Realistic Design Service

We create 3D design models to make our design realistic. Realistic solutions will give you a better vision of the output so that you can get an idea of what your designs will look like in reality.


Alternative Solution If Necessary

We always offer alternative solutions if it’s necessary. You may want some changes to the given solution. We always provide an alternative design facility to cover your demand.


Project Installation and Implementation

After planning our design, we ensure your designs are installed properly. We put details measurements in our design. So that our client can install and implement the project model accurately.

Key Benefits of Having Our Office Interior Design Service

  • Designs that cover your needs and particular demands
  • Innovative and hassle-free design
  • Space design with maximum efficiency
  • Design with dynamism and artistic ideas
  • Quality design with a budget-friendly cost
  • Inspiring designs for specific work environments
  • Long-lasting design solutions
  • On-time project completion
Organized Design Delivery Strategies

Our Organized Design Delivery Strategies

  • Consultation and Site Inspection
  • Planning and Design Development
  • Design Finalization
  • Design Implementation Monitoring
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our service is available all over Bangladesh.

The completion of your design is determined by the size of your project and your specifications.

If you have a time constraint, we can work on a set schedule.

If you require any changes to the provided solutions, we will always provide an alternative design.
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