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ATM Booth Interior Solution in Dhaka Bangladesh

Highly efficient ATM interiors can boost your brand image and credibility. Bank customers are always in a rush while using a kiosk. So only fast services can satisfy your client base. Smooth and functional ATM booth Interior design hurries the process. Interior Studio Ace is the top bank interior solution provider in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Customizable ATM Booth Interior Design

Customizable ATM Booth Interior Design

Our designers specialize in creating seamless ATM booth surrounds and interiors. A kiosk needs excellent support and displays, including -

  • Toppers
  • Canopies
  • Design a stand-alone kiosk to bolster your brand presence
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Protected ATM Booth in Bangladesh

Highly Monitored & Protected ATM Booth in Bangladesh

Kiosks are self-contained money dispensing machines. Typically, these outdoor systems confront elements day and night. So you want to showcase something other than a lavish presentation out there. However, you also want to keep intact the charm offense of your corporate identity.

  • Maximum privacy
  • Ultimate protection
  • Optimum design

To balance these forces, bank outlets need superior 24/7 security. You need a firm safety mechanism locked and loaded in place. Luckily, Interior Studio Ace prioritizes your banking interests and properties. We install the latest protection systems to safeguard your assets.

Innovative ATM Booth Interior Design in Dhaka

Innovative ATM Booth Interior Design in Dhaka

Floor space management is crucial for the utmost service output. Top designers visit the place for the spatial dimensions and requirements. Then, we produce user-friendly ATM booth interior design. Our layout accommodates adequate customers and machines. Also, the space design considers official visits for cash refills. So staff can safely reload money in privacy.

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Pioneering ATM Booth Ideas to Reinvent Your Brand

Automated teller machines can spread your brand far and wide.

Pioneering ATM Booth Ideas by Interior Studio Ace


ATM graphic toppers are actually signage. These inserts are tamper resistant and display your brand message throughout the day. Such a fresh idea has not yet gained much traction in Bangladesh.


ATM canopies alone can give you a stunning brand image. How to put a shade over the ATM booth? Thankfully, you can stand out among the crowd by staying with Interior Studio Ace. We install a unique ATM canopy that builds genuine brand loyalty.

Durable ATM Components for Lasting Services

Durable ATM Components for Lasting Services

ATM booths are mini branches offering numerous banking privileges. Hence, it contains an office desk and chairs for officers and clients. Usually, the large desk contains ample space to hold the computer sufficiently. People fill up forms and conduct monetary transactions on them.

Therefore, Interior Studio Ace recommends a sturdy executive office desk. Resilient tablecloths can supplement the ATM decor. Several dustbins by the kiosks and desks can increase client satisfaction.

Next-Gen ATM Booth Lighting Design

Next-Gen ATM Booth Lighting Design

Banks must pay attention to stunning booth lighting. Customers and banks may fall for forfeited currency notes due to poor illumination. To avoid this monetary loss, excellent use of daylight and artificial light is paramount.

Our lighting engineers fulfill your ATM booth interior design process. Stainless steel-cased acrylic and LED bulbs create a cozy office environment. Top-notch indoor LED light boxes bring a day in the nighttime. They ensure professional banking services without mishaps whatsoever.

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It impresses your customers. They become dedicated to your business brand by enhancing customer satisfaction.
Interior Studio Ace provides affordable ATM booth design services. Best decor components go into the work. We have a client-first approach. Our design team is available 24/7. Your satisfaction is our objective.
Yes, our design firm complements the architectural features of a kiosk setup. We create an aesthetic, safe, and enthusiastic atmosphere.
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