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Study Unit Interior Design Service

Study rooms must be neat and tidy. So, you can gain laser-focused attention. A messy reading room is a turn-off for readers. Comfortable privacy is the primary objective. You must avoid interruptions altogether or minimize their impact. A well-organized and furnished reading room can increase your productivity.

Interior Studio Ace provides inspiring study unit interior design in Dhaka and all over Bangladesh. Get the best reading place from us. Our designers bring classy features and colors to boost your creativity. Besides, we remove the boring elements and disruptions. Study becomes enjoyable once more.

Study Unit Interior Design by Interior Studio Ace

We Design Full Packages of Study Unit

Interior Studio Ace can create an upbeat reading environment. We design full packages of study units. Let’s know the places our designers specialize in -

  • School designs
  • Reading room layouts
  • Library configurations
  • Lecture hall planning
  • In-house study room
  • Reading cafes
  • Study centers
  • Common rooms
  • Student lounges
  • Empty Classrooms
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Exclusive Study Unit Interior Design Styles

You want a cozy place to get lost in the pages. Excellent study unit interior design is crucial for higher studies, deep analysis, research, and casual reading alike. Let’s explore several reading room concepts -

Designated Places

Designated Places

If you have a dedicated reading room, we can make it inviting and stylish. Warm lighting and restful sitting arrangements bring a huge difference. Some indoor greenery injects life into the decor.

Classic Artwork

Rustic Atmosphere

Classic artwork gets along fine with distressed leather and rocking chairs. Allow yourself a welcoming cabin hideaway using linen pillows on the couch.

Balcony in Reading Room


A balcony offers the ideal reading room layout. A modular bookshelf serves as a storage drawer for copies. A hammock and coffee table can occupy hours of your time.

Fireplace in Reading Room

Revamped Fireplace

Make the winter snug by modifying the fireplace. It could easily become your favorite reading quarter. Plus, you get the lawn view to think things through.

Creative Reading Rooms

Personalized Attic

Creative reading rooms have the best location in the attic. The typical large windows give you a stunning ambiance. A modular bookshelf and a bench or a bed can do wonders. Traffic-free surroundings tightly hold your attention.

Renovated Spare Spaces

Renovated Spare Spaces

Empty corners and idle storage rooms can become a study haven. Set an eye-catching bookshelf along with a divan. Throw a colorful rug on the floor and put some vases in the right spots.

Why People Love Us for Study Unit Design

Magical Lighting Reading Room

Magical Lighting

Lighting is half the interior. Task lighting helps study without straining your eyes. Desk lamps or reading lamps are fine too. Here, we consider the room size, fabric, & furniture properties.

Organized Furnishings

We give you a quiet and composed reading corner. The elegant interior setup matches the color scheme and the molding designs. The wooden floor creates a cozy atmosphere.

Brilliant Colors Reading Room

Brilliant Colors

Seamless color shades and themes can transform the whole place. We brighten up your reading cafe. Strategic furnishings and rainbow-colored books do the rest.

Customer Support

You get outstanding customer care. We prioritize your preferences and take instant action. Your absolute satisfaction is our objective.

Timely Delivery

Interior Studio Ace is reputed for timely interior handover.

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Other Services Offered By Interior Studio Ace

The skilled designers of Interior Studio Ace can provide you with all kinds of design services. We Offer-

Common Questions

Client meetings are our top priority. Then, our experts arrange a location visit for the spatial dimensions. Top designers use those tidbits for research and design purposes. Finally, we begin the interior implementation following your approval of the 3D study room layout.
Interior Studio Ace is good at online meetings and planning. Relax as we can arrange meetings with you a world apart.
We can do it either way. You can do it or we can purchase them after getting your nod to the list of tiles, fabrics, veneers, laminates, paint shades, etc.
Your approval of the 3D design begins an intimate monitoring process. We inform you about all the latest developments.
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