Hospitality Space Floor Covering in Dhaka

Hospitality Space Floor Covering in Dhaka

The hospitality industry continues to include all products, especially flooring. Both hard surface flooring and carpeting are required in hotel and restaurant spaces, and hospitality designs magazines emphasize the diversity in flooring companies. Highlighting how restaurant and cafes flooring can differ from hotel flooring, both in lobbies, guest rooms, spas, and meeting rooms.

Flooring Design for Hotels and Lodging Industry

Evolving far beyond the hotel and lodging industry, the hospitality flooring sector has grown to include an abundance of spaces. From movie theaters and hotel lobbies to convention centers and day spas, the flooring in hospitality spaces is intended to be one of the first things to welcome guests upon their arrival.

Setting the tone for the ultimate customer experience, hospitality flooring uniquely marries the performance found in commercial flooring, with the comfortable style we’ve come to expect from residential flooring, to create a visually appealing and durable happy medium.

There are many methods to covering up a hospitality floor.

The use of color is what sets hospitality flooring apart. The use of more design and color to create different mood sets flooring in hospitality settings apart. For example, the use of multiple colors of one design laid out in a random manner to create a more rustic yet sophisticated look. Clear design and colors that accent or pop add to the brand impression that many hospitality venues desire.

You can décor the floor by covering up with special floor materials as well.

We Have Best Designers in Dhaka

Architects and designers in Interior Studio Ace that specialize in hospitality can create very unique environments. It is a fun time to be involved with hospitality since hotels and restaurants aim to create an environment that you would not find at work or home. In Bangladesh, we are fortunate to be one of the leading hospitality designers in the country and we push the limits to create the ‘wow’ factor.

Interior Studio Ace is capable to decorate your floors of hotel lobbies, offices, cafeterias, restaurant, reception areas of offices or hospitals, floors of waiting rooms.

Floor Covering Sample by Interior Studio Ace
Floor Covering Sample by Interior Studio Ace
Floor Covering Sample by Interior Studio Ace
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