Modern Auditorium Interior Design Service

Modern Auditorium Interior Design in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Modern Auditorium Interior Design in Dhaka, Bangladesh

An auditorium is a gathering place where crowds listen to and watch presentations, performances, or any audio-visual objects. The auditorium's interior design serves various purposes, from educational to entertainment. An effective auditoria's interior design conveys serious thoughts about accessibility, space flexibility, and so on.

Combining these and respective implementations is tough. The importance of the assembly hall leaves no option for novices’ intervention but professionalism. You can easily correlate your requirements with Interior Studio Ace’s auditorium design solutions. To come up with suitable design ideas, you may find the following information valuable for your hall in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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Most Desirable Auditorium Interior Design Terms

Most Desirable Auditorium Interior Design Terms

  • The space between the stage and the first row of seating must be adequate.
  • Accurate sloping is necessary for proper sightlines to the stage.
  • Seating clearance needs to be 10 sqft (approx.).
  • Sound must include adequate intensity and even distribution.
  • Dynamic interactions between spaces.
  • Suitable geometrical inclusions.
  • Lighting features include floodlights, spotlights, dramatic lights, and so on.
  • Fire and life safety.

Interior Studio Ace Recommendation in Auditorium Interior Design

With expert designers’ intervention, Interior Studio Ace thrives to make your auditorium interior design unique and effective, meeting the needs of its occupants. Some of our specialties would like to be mentioned here.

Space Distribution and Capacity

Space Distribution and Capacity

You may want to add as many seats as possible. We oppose this and recommend that the auditorium interior design should have appropriate space distribution; the standard is approximately 18 square feet per person.

Lobby in Auditorium


You must put careful thought into your amphitheater’s lobby design. The lobby is crucial for the development of the very first perception of the space, though it is not an active part. Mass human inflow and outflow should be considered critically while including a ticket booth, a small locker room, and sufficient wayfinding.

Stage Shaping in Auditorium

Stage Shaping

We bet a square or rectangular stage is going to be your first preference for your auditorium interior design. However, doing so is not conducive to providing high-quality experiences.

A proscenium stage is the best solution, but handicap accessibility, adequate fly and side wing spaces, and an exclusive curtain are also required to increase the overall value of the atmosphere.

Backstage in Auditorium


We recommend that you consider various components for your odium so that they can serve multiple functions. The most essential components can be termed as a green room, dressing room, scenery construction room, storage facility, costume production room, etc.

Control Room in Auditorium

Control Room

Visibility of the overall active hall space from the control room is essential. It must have enough space to accommodate advanced technological equipment and accessories. You should consider a high-performing internet connection.

All Interior Solutions Under an Umbrella

Aside from the whole interior design of your auditorium, Interior Studio Ace offers segment-wise design solutions as well. You can check out our specialized services in the areas below.

Frequently Asked Questions

In general, there are four types of stages commonly used: studio theater, arena theater, traverse stages, proscenium, quadrangular, rectangular, hippodromes, and thrust stages.
To take the auditorium to a universal level, several additions can be made: a library, prayer room, small art gallery, small food court, and many more.
Walls need to be equipped with easily replaceable decorative items. By having a vast collection of such items, you may find the best-suited items for each occasion.
Ventilation and cooling services need to be calculated efficiently. Again, installing and utilizing renewable energy sources improves sustainability.
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