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Modern Dressing Unit Interior Design Service in Bangladesh

Dressing units or dressers are an integral part of the bedroom or an event where dressing works as key factor, like fashion show events. This unit helps us to be well-groomed. So, it should be a spot that is both accessible and appealing enough for you to appreciate your dressing time.

Interior Studio Ace offers various interior design services in Dhaka and throughout Bangladesh. We provide dressing unit interior designs that are both functional and delightful. You can be stress-free with our reliable and consistent service that meets all your preferences.

Features of Dressing Units Designed by Interior Studio Ace

We develop our dressing unit interior designs focusing on the following key elements of a dresser.

Accessible Storage in the Dressing Unit

We design the wardrobe to accommodate all your dressing accessories, such as dresses, ties, bags, shoes, etc, and ensure they are easily accessible.

An Efficient Dressing Table

The dressing table is the most prominent piece of furniture in a dressing room. We consider functionality and appearance while designing to make you feel delightful.

A Convenient Space

Putting on make-up and styling your hair takes time. We make certain that the dressing unit seating solution is not only visually stunning but also comfortable.

Adequate Lighting

It is paramount that your dressing unit has an efficient lighting system. We create lighting system designs that enhance the overall design while remaining functional.

A Standard Mirror

A standard mirror with perfect size and position is vital to your dressing unit. We provide the best finishing, ensuring the perfect reflection when you check your appearance.

Some Popular Styles of Our Dressing Unit Interior Design

Dressing Unit with Pop-Up Mirror

The pop-up mirror is perfect for those who like minimalist and clutter-free dressing units. Dressing tables are foldable, with mirrors revealing inside in this style, giving a clean vibe throughout a room.

A Dressing Cabinet in a Walk-in Closet

Having a dressing cabinet in your walk-in closet can add extra functionality as you can try on outfits as well as dress yourself in the same place.

Mr. and Mrs. Dressing Unit

A dressing unit with twin closets on either side is a trend for couples. A large mirror, a bench-type cushioned seat, and the glassy looks of the closets give this dressing unit a unique look.

Dressing Table and Wardrobe Combination

With a simple yet functional feature, this type of dressing unit is a combination wardrobe and dressing table. Adding LED lights on the dressing table compliments the design with an illuminated look.

Designs for Compact Dressing Units

In this style, a suitable dressing unit is installed on the wall next to the wardrobe modules. A drawer below the mirror and a beneath space for tucking the seating stool give enough space and storage options.

Vanity in a Dresser

Vanity-style dressing units are perfect for makeup maniac people. This includes a long horizontal mirror and table in front of it and LED light bulbs around the mirror frame that give a perfect spotlight.

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Dressing Unit Interior Design Process

Our Dressing Unit Interior Design Process

  • Client Consultation and site inspection.
  • Find the most suitable theme considering space.
  • Design development regarding the client’s perception.
  • Realistic and Vision Aid Solution.
  • Design modification, if necessary.
  • Project delivery.
  • Design implementation monitoring.
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Space Saving Design

Advantages of Having Our Dressing Unit Interior Design Services

  • Space-saving design.
  • Design built to fit your space.
  • Customization based on the client's specifications.
  • Design that combines functionality, aesthetics, and efficiency.
  • Quality design within your price range.
  • Project completion within the specified time frame.
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Common Questions

It is important to keep each necessary element and balanced functionality to design an efficient dressing unit.
The key elements for any dressing unit are a standard mirror, dressing table, convenient seat, accessible storage, and proper lighting.
You can add a trendy desk-style table with a matching seat, a contemporary mirror, and efficient lighting to make a stylish vanity.
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