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Eye-Catchy Newsroom Interior Design in Dhaka, Bangladesh

The newsroom is the public face of the organization, where your productions go live or are filed for post production. For newsroom interior in Dhaka, Bangladesh, if you are thinking about a professional look then you are on the right track. But, what about incorporating the agency’s mission, vision, and code of ethics, which are its unique identities?

Our year-long observation indicates that most of the clients' approach is to showcase the agency’s logo with a tagline. We argue with this solution, claiming you can do more towards establishing brand identity. Interior Studio Ace believes each design component is influential and depicts individualistic characteristics.

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Step-By-Step guide for Newsroom Interior Design

We would like to recall the newsroom interior styling tasks in an organized way. The below step-by-step guide can benefit you enormously.

Killer Ideas By Interior Studio Ace
  • Identify the place’s purposes.
  • Calculate the space requirements for people, furniture, and equipment.
  • Distribute spaces according to certain needs.
  • Decide on backstage, the control room, and the broadcasting room.
  • Select wall color schemes and textures.
  • Select furniture, better to go for specification-based options.
  • Research heating and cooling systems, be wise.
  • Find lighting solutions, and be aware—it's crucial and critical.
  • Compile all those and create an imaginary projection.
  • Install and complete the work.
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Killer Ideas By Interior Studio Ace

Our experienced and skilled professionals are quite familiar with current newsroom interior design concepts in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They eventually find similarities in those works and thrive on designs that are ahead of their time. A few fruitful ideas are listed below.

Add Depth in Furnishings

Add Depth in Furnishings

Critically integrating texture and dimension throughout the new room ornamentation combines professional, cozy, energetic, and neutral looks. It definitely depicts your production house’s characteristics.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient Lighting

You can increase viewer engagement by using ambient lighting or mood lighting. You will have options to elaborate on the depth of certain news categories while showcasing how you prioritize your viewers.

Dramatic Color Scheme in in Iterior Design

Dramatic Color Scheme

To achieve a balanced harmony, use color as the tone of the space. You should avoid matching colors, and it's always meaningful to use contrasting paint colors.

Accommodate A Interviewing Space

Accommodate A Interviewing Space

Diversify your newsroom's interior design by having a small one-to-one interviewing facility. It eliminates the use of a large desk for two people’s conversation while importing variations.

Not One, But Two Big Screen

Install one large screen next to the main desk and another next to an exclusive sofa set. The first composition is only for reading news, whereas the second is for detailed analysis or other long-duration detailing presentations.

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Interior Studio Ace: Your Complete Interior Solution

Why just the newsroom? Interior Studio Ace is pleased to showcase its masterworks in various categories – below is the list.

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Things You Should Know

For highly valued axial orientation, the front wall should be semi-circular. Be mindful of the cost of a curved screen.

To define a space with a more intimate and relaxing context than the busier and more active portion, the use of a rug or natural stone flooring and a cozy sofa set are the most appropriate ones.

A control room has to be connected to the newsroom with transparent glass. The inside should be occupied with a row-wise seating arrangement. The first row is dedicated to controlling equipment and personnel.

You may place an exclusive bookshelf in the interview area. You should have a huge collection, and books should be placed according to the context of the interview.
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