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Functional Rehabilitation Center Interior Design in Bangladesh

A rehabilitation center is a clinical facility where people with drug or alcohol addiction are treated. This recovery center is crucial for facilitating depressed, mentally broken, and literally lost people with a fresh start. Our investigation demonstrates that most of the establishments in Dhaka, Bangladesh, are expert-driven.

You are possibly unaware of the healing power of interior design and are struggling to trigger every aspect of an effective interior design solution. Interior Studio Ace combines different users’ needs and would like to share some insightful thoughts to make your rehabilitation center unique and exceptional.

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Rehab Center in Bangladesh

Must-have Components in a Rehab Center in Bangladesh

Interior Studio Ace considers nature as therapy through its rehabilitation center interior while elaborating on some must-have components.

  • The design enhances the patient’s tractability and meaningfulness of life.
  • It provides a homey feeling; it is not a prison.
  • A biophilic environment with lots of greenery and paintings.
  • Bigger space for social interaction and private seating.
  • Indoor activity spaces in open-air environments.
  • Patient-friendly space distribution.
  • Have water bodies, healing gardens, and zone therapy.
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Top Considerations of Interior Studio Ace to Design Rehabilitation Center

Interior Studio Ace highly values the physical environment and interior setting of the rehab center while integrating the following hallmarks.

  • Higher All-inclusive Values The sensitive spaces are schemed to be intimate, motivating, safe, and trouble-free accessibility. Every component of our design solution facilitates emotional reactions, optimal physical activity, and interactions between humans and spaces.
  • Using Inside Architecture as Life-saving Segments A well-tailored built environment is required to enable patients to return to their normal lives. Every patient is treated as an individual with specific needs. The interior always accommodates several facility extensions, such as aging baby boomers, wood walks, and a water stream flowing over pavers, and the list is huge.
  • Provides Home-Feel The rehabilitation center design consists of a less institutional atmosphere to enable a home feel to the admitted. It cultivates a feeling of relaxation and calmness while empowering patients to take ownership of the spaces. To do so, we offer single beds, designated shelves, lockers, fixed spaces for personal art, and easy navigation throughout the spaces.
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Our mastery of delivering elegant design solutions goes beyond rehabilitation centers. You may check some of the clients’ feedback regarding the interior design of their corporate offices, community centers, homes, villas, resorts, and restaurants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Imagine living in a dull place for a long time. Do you feel motivated, energetic, and active? The answer is always a big fat "NO." A positive mental state is not achievable with an ineffective interior. The treatment in a recovery facility is not just physical but more likely works on the patient's mental state. So, interior design matters for the sufferers and the regular workers.
For the earlier period and for serious cases, isolation facilities are needed to maintain the patient’s and others’ safety. However, for long-term treatment, patients must transition to general areas after the preliminary stages are completed.
Though rehab is a life-saving place, it is the business of the owner. Most of them save money by sacrificing things like libraries, gaming facilities, nature inclusion, and so on.
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