Hospitality Space Lighting Setup in Dhaka

Hospitality Space Lighting Setup in Dhaka

The hospitality business involves serving people and giving them enjoyment. From restaurants to hotels, resorts, and even theme parks, facilities are designed with the intent of transporting guests from the world of the ordinary to a special time and place.

We Design Your Colorful Feelings

Lighting and color palette go hand in hand when it comes to hospitality interior design. Our Interior designers have been educated to know what types of lighting to pair with bright color schemes versus those which are more subtle. The lighting of a venue may also be affected by furniture choices and the actual architecture of a building. Rooms with vaulted ceilings might require wall fixtures which direct the light upwards while smaller rooms might utilize overhead lighting or corner lamps. Not only does the type and placement of lighting affect the atmosphere of a room or building, but the degree of illumination is also important. A soft glow is more relaxing while bright or colored lighting inspires feelings of excitement and energy.

When lighting up a hospitality space, all these little details come into the count of a really good interior designer studio.

Consider Lighting System Set up for Better Experience

If we consider the lighting system set up for a restaurant then we have to think about the dinners, the food and the atmosphere of the restaurant.

Diners must be able to read menus and see their food, but not at the expense of the atmosphere. Designers often spotlight each table, install a table lamp on the adjacent wall, or hang a pendant over the table. But because tables move, many restaurateurs prefer candles or battery-powered table lamps, neither of which work as well but provide greater versatility and maintain the atmosphere.

The choice requires thoughtful discussion with the people who will eventually operate and manage the restaurant which we always do before installing any setup.

Most hospitality facilities are designed specifically for apparent use; a hotel lobby will always be a lobby, and a restaurant will remain a restaurant and an office room will remain an office room Flexibility is needed rather in exhibition halls, ballrooms, meeting rooms and conference centers, where rearranging seating, partitions, and lighting schemes is important.

In general, hospitality facilities are not renovated without a relatively complete replacement of lighting systems.

In Interior Studio Ace we believe that successful lighting design is founded on our ability to understand our client's design intent and to use lighting skillfully to realize that concept.

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