Spa and Beauty Parlor Interior Design

Spa & Beauty Parlor Interior Design in Dhaka, Bangladesh

The visual of the beauty parlor and spa impacts the customer a lot. An appealing interior is essential for any beauty parlor to attract customers and convince them to visit your salon again. Interior Design Ace provides interior design services, including Spa & Beauty Parlor Interior design all around Dhaka, Bangladesh. We will help you to transform the ambiance of the spa and beauty parlor into royal magnificence.

Different Parts of Spa & Beauty Parlor

Different Parts of a Spa & Beauty Parlor that We Design

  • Beauty stations with Different Zones and Separate rooms.
  • Spa area with different treatments and massage room.
  • Hair Station with dryer and backwash area.
  • Reception area design.
  • Waiting room design.
  • Manicure and pedicure Station.
  • Changing room area.
  • Staff room / Storage area.
  • Retail area.
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Spa & Beauty Parlor Interior Design

Key Features of Spa & Beauty Parlor Interior Design

  • Glass and lighting Work.
  • Swing Door and Led/Neon Sign Work.
  • Storage cabinet design.
  • Wall painting work.
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Different Styles of Interior We offer for Spa & Beauty Parlor

Classic traditional design

We keep the traditional classic design for any beauty parlor and spa if you want. We provide simple yet elegant designs with warm lighting and furniture arrangement. That will make a comfortable environment for your customers.

Modern Boho style

Modern Boho style gives home-style highlights. With natural elements, ethnic patterns, colors, and textures, it will bring a homely vibe to your customers.

Arches and curves style

Arches and curves style visually draws attention to anyone. An attractive height of the walls can make your beauty salon more spacious. This style is suitable for a salon with little space.

Minimalist Design

With simple, clean lines and a monochromatic palette with color used as an accent. An open floor plan, lots of light, functional furniture, color, and texture give an elegant accent to your space. Minimalist interior designs are relatively budget-friendly and keep simplicity.

Light and Airy style

To keep your space a regular style salon, we offer this style. Many lighting features can make your space attractive and eye-catching to your customers. We usually use different types of lighting, such as hanging and false ceiling lights, to illuminate the surroundings.

Studio Style Beauty Salon

If your salon has less space, then this type of salon is the best choice. It doesn’t require a lot of space to design your salon. We can design and set your interior with minimalist space with trendy features that will catch your customer's attention.

Render 3D design models

Project Implementation Process of Interior Studio Ace

  • Consult with the customers
  • Site estimations and prerequisites analyze
  • Proper space management and utilization
  • Provide illustration sample design
  • Develop design after sample confirmation
  • Render 3D design models
  • Hand over the design within the stated time
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Influential and high-ranking interior design

Facilities you will get from Interior Studio Ace

  • Influential and high-ranking interior design
  • Proper arrangements of furniture and shelves to have enough space
  • Trendy flooring design and attractive furnishing
  • The elegant color combination and illuminating
  • Efficient space utilization
  • Design that ensures to deliver of maximum comfort to your customers
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Common Questions & Answers

A day spa is especially for personal care treatments such as massages, whereas a beauty parlor is simply for a makeover or haircut. However, many beauty salons or parlors tend to keep both services nowadays.
Interior design can help to attract a wider customer base. People get visually influenced by the environment they are in. A good environment delivers an amazing experience besides a good makeover or hairdressing.
Keeping the main service features such as the reception area, waiting room, beauty stations, separate spa area, retail area, etc. Hiring a professional interior designer can help you design all these perfectly.

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