Restaurant Design & Decoration

Restaurant Design & Decoration Ideas

A Restaurant must need beautifully designed premises for attracting the customer. The restaurant must have a good outlook as the customer comes to the restaurant not only for food but also they want to spend a good time with their family and friends. A number of the customers come to the restaurant to make a meeting with their clients. So, It is very important that a restaurant must have a decorated interior.

Restaurant interior design and decoration is not an easy task to do for everyone. Interior Studio Ace is a trustworthy Dhaka-based interior design company. We have a proven record of accomplishment. We are providing a satisfying service to our customers and running our company reputable in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Interior Studio Ace provides many interior themes with a wide range of outstanding decoration styles. We offer many categories of design and decoration which satisfy all expectations.

We provide complete design services beginning with an initial design concept through installation and detailing to your restaurant to complete the project. Our firm is aware of the fact that finding the best interior designs for your restaurant is hard work, requesting us to play a mental game because the variables involved are incredibly insane, especially if we’re talking about our own mother nation, Bangladesh.

MAttractive Design & Theme

Attractive Design & Theme

Interior Studio Ace thinks that the restaurant design themes must have a beautiful theme. We think about different concepts to make it unique.

  • Casual Theme
  • Family & Friends Theme
  • Beautiful Dining Theme
  • Café or Party Theme
  • Rooftop Theme

Each theme consists of different types of design & decoration. We provide the best possible result depending on space and customer choice.

Facts We Focus on Designing

There are some facts that we focus on when designing

Style & Concept

Style & Concept

First, we set up a concept of style and then design the restaurant interior following that.

Space Planning

Space Planning is the most important thing that helps to minimize the space.

Space Planning
Furniture Setup

Furniture Setup

The furniture used in restaurants must be set up on a plan otherwise it will make a bad impression and more space.


Lighting is one of the most important things that give a visual outlook of your restaurant. Lighting also helps to make a good impression on customers

Lighting Design
Decor Design


The decoration is another important thing that we focus on. The decoration of a room is related to space maximization, cost minimization, and customer attraction.


A good restaurant must have a good ventilation system and we also focus that the design does not make any blocked the ventilation system.

Ventilation Design
Music System
Music System

It is an optional but trendy thing; many of the restaurants are now focusing on the music system.

Decorating; A Visual Impression

Decorating; A Visual Impression

Fact that we focus on Decorating-

  • We set up comfortable lights
  • We use beautiful wall art
  • We install the latest features
  • We use bar glassware
  • We use royal furniture (Chair & Table)

Modern Restaurant Space Designing Concept & Idea

  1. 3D Color Design

    Paint gives a finishing touch to a whole interior design project. Paint and wallpaper (as customer choice) can give a dimension to a small space restaurant making it seem bigger. We use cool colors such as blue and green which give the illusion of your restaurant looks much larger in space. We choose paint colors to keep the small scale of your restaurant – do this with darker colors and warmer hues.

  2. Typography

    Typography is mainly bold graphics, marquee letters, diagrams, quotes, phrases, and charts which all give fun and informative details on something to customers. You can add to your design.

  3. Indoor Plants

    You can use indoor plants for a green environmental look in your restaurant. Plants are not only beautiful but also relaxing. Plants also help to purify the air.

  4. Open Kitchen

    Many of the restaurants are using open kitchens for customer attraction. For example a wood-burning oven for pizza or an open BBQ cooking place.

  5. Classic Vibe

    To give a classic vibe to your restaurant, French bistros, ‘50s-style diners, or a classic pizzeria look with old design tablecloths can give a nostalgia while still living on a modern-day.

  6. Print and Pattern

    Choose a unique print and pattern for your restaurant. You can use artwork, paint, artistic chalkboard, furniture, and antique dinner set, etc. for an aesthetic look.

Why Clients Choose Us

A project starts with a plan. A better plan can change the whole outcome of a project. Interior Design must start with perfect planning. Interior Studio Ace plans the best design for our customers by taking ideas from them and sharing our ideas for the best result.

After planning the work, Interior Studio Ace promised you that we will finish the work as we planned. We take the work as a challenge and focus on it. For customer satisfaction, we implement the planned design and make it to perfection.

Interior Studio Ace will give you the best service in Dhaka with a minimum cost where others are looking for money.

Interior Studio Ace focuses on work not in an advertisement for that reason our work satisfies our customers.

Interior Studio Ace makes sure that you get the best benefit after we finish our work and your investment in us comes up with a great result.

Interior Studio Ace will ensure you that all the work is perfect. If any errors are found, we solve them smartly.
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