Decorative Ceiling Design in Dhaka

Decorative Ceiling Design in Dhaka

We’ve all heard it said — the ceiling is the fifth wall of the room, and yet most of us keep them plain, paint them white, and forget about them. I really don’t want to overlook my ceilings in my house. In general we say, “I don’t need them all to have extravagant designs.” But they’re a great opportunity to add some interest, color, and customization to a house. Truth be told, You would love your bathroom ceiling(if it would be decorated) so much that you would do it in every room of your house if it would look good.

Interior Studio Ace Has Unique Ideas of Ceiling Decoration

We’ve come across so many amazing ceiling decorating ideas in the process. A lot of these wouldn’t work in every house, but we thought we would pass them a long to you in case these get your creative juices flowing for your own home.

In some of our picture you can see one of the ceiling we have decorated with ceramic works and the other one we have decorated with golden trim lining and spotlights etc.

But these are just a few drops from the ocean.We have so many ideas in ceiling decorating, we are pretty sure that you will be confused which one to pick and which one to leave behind.

Here you can have a rough Idea what is ceiling decorating all about and how what extent it can go farther.

Decorative Ceiling Tiles:

Ceiling tiles are another product that come in many different designs,and these days you can also choose between metal or plastic or ceramic.

Shallow “Tray” Ceiling:

You would absolutely love the look of a tray ceiling in the center, but the metearial isn’t so thick that it takes up too much ceiling height. Something like this can easily be created by adding layers of lumber 1″ lumber around the perimeter of a room,and since three layers will only take up 2.25 inches of ceiling height ,and onle around the perimeter,the desing could easily be used in a house with only eight foot ceilings.And In Bangladesh most of the houses has at least 8 foot ceiling height.

Simple Painted Ceiling Border:

This very simple border just goes to show that even the smallest design details on a ceiling can make a big impact.

Simple Trim Ceiling Design:

Rather than paint,a decorative moulding can be used to create a simple design to give the ceiling interest.Again it doesen’t take much.There are various of designs and options,some are very simple some are very complicated.It only depends on the consumers which options they choose for their home.

Give us a call and our interior decorators will give you various designs and options and will suggest you what will suit the best for your home, of course keeping in mind about your taste and choice always!

Decorative Ceiling Design Sample by Interior Studio Ace
Decorative Ceiling Design Sample by Interior Studio Ace
Decorative Ceiling Design Sample by Interior Studio Ace
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