How to Choose an Interior Designer

Interior design is mostly art-work combined with the science of measurements and placements of right materials. For these types of works, it’s not easy to identify the right persons for the work.

Just imagine the context of hiring some other professionals like a freelance recruiter or a freelance accountant. You can easily identify the right people with some questions or practical topics.

But, hiring an interior designer is more complex than hiring many other professionals. In this article, you get some ideas about how to choose an interior designer either for your office or home interior design service.

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Find Your Style Before Talking With an Interior Designer

Before even talking with an interior designer, it’s worth finding your style. Since there are so many types of interior design out there, a solid finding of your style can help make the process easier to hire an interior designer.

Find Style Before Talking With an Interior Designer
Find Your Style

How to know what type of style your inner heart prefers? Take a look at the following types of interior designs:

  • Contemporary Interior Design
  • Art Moderne Interior Design
  • Modern Interior Design
  • Classic Interior Design
  • Scandinavian Interior Design
  • Minimalist Interior Design
  • Farmhouse Interior Design
  • Industrial Interior Design
  • Mid-Century Interior Design

Let’s talk about these types in very short:

Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary interior design means what is prominent in this current world. In other words, the current trend is contemporary design.

Art Moderne Interior Design

Art Moderne or American-Modern interior design is the style of the USA dated back to the 1930s when people would like very bold and big types of designs and elements.

Modern Interior Design

Modern interior design reflects the simplicity of colors and elements in the design. White and black are the two dominating colors in this case.

Minimalist Interior Design

Classic Interior Design

Creativity and uniqueness is at the core of such a style. This style urges to source styles from various styles and combine in a very unique way

Scandinavian Interior Design

The Scandinavian style is also simplistic, but it focuses on affordability over necessity. With this type of interior design you can invite more people to your house and afford to welcome them within the same space.

Minimalist Interior Design

The Minimalist style refers to the aspect of minimalism in whole design work.

Farmhouse Interior Design

The Farmhouse style is the blend of nature and your modern house. It uses natural, organic elements in your house or office.

Industrial Interior Design

In such a style, you get the feeling of in-factory. It uses materials from the factory to give you a feel like that.

Mid-Century Interior Design

Mid-Century Interior Design style uses vivid color. Everything from the wall, furniture, artifacts - has to be colorful. Now, when you have some ideas about the main types of interior designs, you can start a fruitful talk with an interior designer.

Farmhouse Interior Design
Set Your Budget

Set Your Budget

Setting a budget will make the hiring process easier. If you know your budget, and let the designer know about it, they can think that specific way

It will save time from both ends. But setting the budget on your own may seem confusing. You can have an idea after seeing some prices of the elements you like at your house. Or, you can take a look at this article to have an idea of the cost of home interior design in Bangladesh.

Be honest with your budget while talking with the interior designers

Ask for Portfolio

It won’t be wise to judge an interior designer without taking a look at his or her previous works. So, ask for their portfolios and talk about how they have completed those projects.

It will give you an idea of their hands-on experience

Check out our interior design portfolio for an example.

Meet With 3 Designers

Meet With 3 Designers

This is called the rule of three. When you meet with three designers, you can find the best one among them who really understands your house’s atmosphere and your expectations.

While talking with them, go deep as you talk about your house. Observe closely how they are thinking about utilizing your house’s or office’s spaces and different elements.

Finally exclude one who doesn’t meet your expectations at all. Then, stick to the one who meets your expectations while answering your questions.

You can meet our team here.

Ask as Many Questions as You Can

Since you don’t know them well, you need to ask as many questions as you can. But, ask only the meaningful questions to make the hiring process simpler.

Take notes of the concerns on a device or notebook, and ask questions from there so you don’t forget them. Also, remember, you are going to collaborate with them. So, don’t bother them with something that you wouldn’t like if you were in their place.

Asking Questions
Be Flexible

Be Flexible

Be flexible about what you see in a designer. Because, it’s not possible that you will like everything in a designer.

In the real world, perfect things or persons don’t exist. You have to compromise in some cases. So, open-mindedness and flexibility can make the process easy.

Take Some Notes and Compare Them Afterwards

While talking with the interior designers, take specific notes. Otherwise, you may forget important aspects of an interior designer. Then compare these notes so you can choose an interior designer easily.

Consider their experiences, how they work, etc. while comparing the notes.

Also, consider how you have observed them. Do they seem to be very collaborative or not? Are they willing to do some modifications if needed or not?

What elements are they talking about to use in your house or office. What are their logics behind choosing those elements, colors, or designs? How much do they want for the whole project? Does the budget look logical and does it fall within your budget?

Take note and Compare Them Afterwards
Choosing the Right Interior Designer

Final Thoughts for Choosing the Right Interior Designer

Choosing an interior designer from the sea of professionals is not an easy job to do. You need to observe very closely to find the right fit for your interior design work.

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