Home Interior Design Cost in Bangladesh

Who doesn’t want to make his/her home beautiful? Everyone wants to, right? But whenever we think about home interior design, the cost naturally comes to our mind. How much money does it need to decorate your home?

That's the topic of this article. Let’s talk about home interior design costs in Bangladesh with a bit of detail.

Home Interior Design Cost isn’t Fixed

Some products’ cost is fixed. Like the tissue box you buy, or the mobile phone. Interior design is not like that. It’s creative work and its cost is not fixed like the price of a smartphone.

That’s the reason why it’s not easy to talk about the price of home interior design. It depends on your specific requirements. Your house’s size, materials you need, etc. will largely affect the cost of your home interior design.

Still, we are giving you some ideas of the cost.

Home Interior Design Packages With Cost (Including Materials)

For Standard Premium Exclusive
2 Beds, Living Room, Kitchen ( 800 sq ft - 1200 sq ft) BDT 11 lakhs BDT 13 lakhs BDT 17 lakhs
3 Beds, Living Room, Kitchen (1201 sq ft - 1600 sq ft) BDT 13 lakhs BDT 17 lakhs BDT 21 lakhs
4 Beds, Living Room, Kitchen (1600 sq ft - 2000 sq ft) BDT 15 lakhs BDT 21 lakhs BDT 27 lakhs

Need more detail? See the price list of home interior design costs here.

What You Will Get Under Premium Package

False Ceiling

A Grade 12 mm plain partex board ( star brand) with Berger matt enamel paint 3c, standard size gorjon wood with supply all imported hardware materials. And Use labor team from Conspert Ltd. Make side false ceiling at Bed, living & dining full ceiling.

False Ceiling
Light and Ware

Light and Ware

Use 4” Led-COB Spotlight -8 watt (12-month warranty) china good brand with 1.5 Rm cable BRB & 12 mm flexible pipe. And T5 Led Diffuse light. And switch socket use Superstar brand. And Use Conspert Ltd Electrician. Use sufficient light & use some hanging light.

Kitchen Cabinet

18 mm Veneer board side finish by ctg shegun wooden beat Use18mm gorjon plyboard sink side use 6mm pvc board with all hardware materials ss high quality and hydrolice hinge. Labor Use from Conspert Ltd. Make (Standard quantity).

Kitchen Cabinet
Finishing Materials

Finishing Materials

Front side use LECQURE polish/ DOCO paint by Belgium brand /Toya & inner side hand polish by imported polish materials or matt enamel paint and labor use from Conspert ltd.

Wall Color

Easy clean-3c , Berger. Use labor from Conspert ltd.

Wall Color
Wall Cabinet

Wall Cabinet

18mm Veneear board side finish by ctg shegun wooden beat Use18mm gorjon plyboard sink side use 6mm pvc board with all hardware materials ss high quality and hydrolice hinge.laborer Use from Conspert ltd. Make each room one cabinet ( standard size) & one Dinner wagon & One Tv cabinet.

Wall Cladding

Use 12 mm, veneer board, with a plain board with a CNC design combination. With lecqure polish and white lecqure . & cladding makes Bed back wall.

Wall Cladding

Let’s Talk About Our Real-Life Projects

High Budget

We implemented home interior design for Mr Jamil in 2020. From false ceiling to showpiece shelf- we have implemented everything with utmost care.

This project was priced at BDT 2,500,000.

Have a look at the project

Medium Budget

Recently we have completed the home interior project of Mrs. Farhana. We charged BDT 1,500,000 for this project.

Here are some photos of the project

3D Design for the Project

Photos from the Completed Project:

Budget-Friendly Project

Mr. Torikul Islam project had a pricing of BDT 500,000.

Here are some photos from his project:

Final Thoughts

Hope you have got an idea about the cost of home interior design in Bangladesh. The cost may vary to a large extent based on so many factors. For example, if your house is 2000 square feet, then the cost will be a certain amount. Now, your house is 12 square feet, the price will be quite different.

In the same way, the cost for a 2-room flat and a 4-room flat will not be the same. So, we can’t say anything constant about the cost of your home interior design. It depends on the specifications of your house and what you want in your house.

Talk with us now to have an understanding of your house’s interior design.

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