Home Interior Background for Zoom or Other Online Meeting

How does it feel when you attend an online meeting and your background looks clumsy? It doesn’t feel good, right?

Online or offline, wherever you meet, it’s important to feel and look confident. Just like the right outfits can make you feel confident in an offline meeting, the same thing happens in an online one.

In this article, you will get some worthy ideas for decorating your home interior background for Zoom and other online meetings.

11 Home Interior Background Ideas for Online Meeting

Here you will find 12 home interior backgrounds for Zoom so you can choose one that suits your room, mind and mood.

  • 1. Give a Professional Look
  • 2. Show Your Passion for Outside With a Glass Wall
  • 3. Let Them See Your Window
  • 4. Fill It With Nature
  • 5. Place a Minimally-Designed Bookshelf
  • 6. Make It Look Like a Real Office
  • 7. Create a Lively Library
  • 8. Show Your Color
  • 9. Not an Office, Show Your Comfortable Living Space
  • 10. Focus on Your Creative Wall
  • 11. Work From the Balcony

1. Give a Professional Look

If you are attending an official meeting online with Zoom, a professional look may suit the best. A professional look will not only create an atmosphere of office work, it will also make you confident about your presentations.

Professional appearance will enhance your energy and productivity. While you are working from home, you normally have so many reasons to take care of both the work and the home at the same time.

A professional appearance at your Zoom background will help you focus on your office work right from your home office.

Give a Professional Look
Show Your Passion for Outside With a Glass Wall

2. Show Your Passion for Outside With a Glass Wall

A glass wall can help you show your passion for the outside views. It let’s the participants feel that you are working from home, but you love to go out.

This type of home interior background is suitable for houses that have a great view outside it. Just imagine a house from where you can see the mountain, a river, or simply the green field. How will it look at an online meeting? Cool, right?

3. Let Them See Your Window

You can keep a creative window in the background of a Zoom video call. There are two ways to go for such a background.

First, you can show the views through the window, just like the previous glass wall. Second, you can show the window itself, not the views through it.

In the second case, make sure the color and design of the window, along with the other elements seen on the screen, creates a symphony and looks really good.

Let Them See Your Window
Fill It With the Nature

4. Fill It With the Nature

Are you a nature lover? A nature-rich background will be great for you. Even if you are not crazy about nature, you may find it worthy.

Fill your room with indoor plants that match your room’s size. This way, you can create a very cozy look right at your small room.

The only drawback in this case is it will take some of your time to take care of the plants. But be sure, these plants are going to pay you off soon with amazing views.

5. Place a Minimally-Designed Bookshelf

Bookshelf can be a way to show off your passion for books- knowledge and wisdom. If you are in confusion about what to keep in the background or who will like what, then a bookshelf can be the right choice.

Even people who are not passionate about reading new books, they love to see books in others’ houses.

However, this option will cost you some amount of bucks. But, that amount of money is worth the appearance of your online meeting.

Place a Minimally-Designed Bookshelf
Make It Look Like a Real Office

6. Make It Look Like a Real Office

Missing your offline office so much? You are not alone. So many people miss their office. While others feel captivated in the office, these people love to be in the offline office.

If you are one of them, you can create the ambiance of a real offline office right within the comfort of your home. You need some custom-made furniture so they can fit in your home office.

7. Create a Lively Library

A library at your home is a very worthy idea. A library with a variety of books can make your zoom meetings very cozy.

Not just a small bookshelf, when you keep a complete library on the background of an online meeting, people think very positively about you either consciously or subconsciously.

Create a Lively Library
Show Your Color

8. Show Your Color

Among the number of colors, you have your own choice. You can show it on your background at an online meeting.

For example, blue is your favorite color. You can design your room with blue items and finally show them on a Zoom background on online meetings.

9. Not an Office, Show Your Comfortable Living Space

Bored working from home and pretending you are missing your office? Then, stop and take some breath. Just focus on what gives you the most comfort at your home.

Plan and design your room accordingly. It doesn’t have to be a formal office-like space. Make it yours. Design it the way you want. Plan it only the way you want to make it.

Now, show the comfort to your colleagues on the Zoom call. It’s time to be “you”. It’s time to be real in your living room.

Show Your Comfortable Living Space
Focus on Your Creative Wall

10. Focus on Your Creative Wall

You don’t need so many things in the room for decoration for the Zoom background. Only a creatively designed wall can serve the purpose very well.

A rightly designed wall can tell so many amazing stories. Planned lighting, use of balanced color, and placing suitable elements on the wall can make it stunning for an online meeting, be it with colleagues or any other people. An interior designer can help you do all the complex jobs of designing your wall.

11. Work From the Balcony

Bored of being inside the house? This is time for getting out. Go to the balcony with your laptop and attend your meeting there.

But, what if the balcony is not designed well yet. No worries. An expert interior designer can decorate your balcony and make it an amazing place for online meetings.

Work From the Balcony

Final Thoughts

It always matters how you present yourself in an online meeting or anywhere else. So, decorate your home interior background for Zoom meetings and show your way of joining meetings online.

Simply pick the right idea from the list above and design your home or room accordingly. You can take help from the experts of Interior Studio Ace. We will prepare designs, show it to you, and implement it upon your approval.

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