Best Interior Design Firm in Rajshahi, Bangladesh

Best Interior Design Firm in Rajshahi, Bangladesh

Rajshahi, verifiably Rampur Boalia; nicknamed Silk City is a metropolitan city and a noteworthy urban, business and instructive focal point of Bangladesh. It is likewise the authoritative seat of eponymous division and region. Situated on the north bank of the Padma River, close to the Bangladesh-India outskirt, the city has a populace of more than 763,952 occupants. The city is encompassed by the satellite towns of Nowhata and Katakhali. With the modernization of Dhaka and other division, Rajshahi also has much more decorated buildings. Day by day Rajshahi also going to the era of a designed city of Bangladesh.

Interior Designers, Decorators & Home Renovation Firm in Rajshahi

Interior Studio Ace is a leading interior design studio in Rajshahi, Bangladesh. Interior Studio Ace offering a fresh, creative and unique interior solution for your residential home decoration or commercial office space design projects. It is our aim to create smart living space, office experiences for our valuable clients-places that are easy, cost-effective and innovative yet stands out in the crowd for it’s an appeal. And the expert designers of Interior Studio Ace always maintain an extensive discussion and contact with the client throughout the design process. So it clear that the main goal of Interior Studio Ace is like a punch line that gives a strong vision to know the strengths, experiences, qualities, and skills to give a vibrant picture about the credibility of the client's needs.

Fresh, Unique and Modern Interior & Exterior Vision in Rajshahi

Our focus is on providing you with true value. Let it be customer service, or shopping experience, modern furniture for your office, or the contemporary furniture for your lovely living room or relaxing in the bedroom, we are world bent committed to combining excellent product quality with service into an experience you just cannot say no to.

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We are a leading interior design, interior decoration firm committed to creating unique, modern, best, and enduring change through social responsibility and civic engagement in the communities where we live and work in Bangladesh. Studio Ace is always responsible to the public, client, other designers, employer, profession.