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Modern Window Blinds Design Solutions in Dhaka, Bangladesh

You may have grown tired of the century-old tradition of window decoration with curtains. Why not look for an updated solution to cover the windows while maintaining privacy and allowing natural light in? With the enhanced controlling feature, window blinds confirm these two prime requirements.

Unlike curtains, window blinds consist of an operable series of slats, which makes them more functional than curtains. If you are determined to import the "WOW-effect" of window shades but struggling with color, transition, design, etc., Interior Studio Ace is always ready to provide trusted design solutions for window blinds in Dhaka and other major cities of Bangladesh.

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Benefits of Window Blinds

  • Window shutters offer the same features and facilities as curtains.
  • It offers more control over natural light’s entrance.
  • Increased privacy.
  • Numerous patterns, colors, styles, and slat material options are available.
  • Easy maintenance and installation.
  • Allow layer-based window treatments.
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Window Blinds Design Solutions for Your Home and Office

Certainly, experts at Interior Studio Ace always prefer providing separate décor solutions for homes and offices. For your convenience, here are some of the trusted window blind design solutions listed that are applicable for home and office use. These solutions are remarkably popular among Interior Studio Ace’s loyal clients in Dhaka and all over Bangladesh.

Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds add a sense of exclusivity to the windows. The raw or coffee-colored wood-made slats are aligned horizontally, which accommodates two types of mechanisms for the panels’ up and down. One mechanism simply calls for applying upward or downward pressure, and another mechanism is ball-bearing-based and installed at the side frame.

Wooden Blinds

Dual Blinds

Dual blinds are horizontally aligned continuous panels. It is fabric-made and customized with alternate bands. Its controlling feature is roll-based. Both bands are light-colored, which creates a calm atmosphere inside the room. It is highly suitable for home, but you can use it for personal chambers or recreational spaces in the office.

Solar Blinds

This window shutter category is a trending solution for window interior design. It contains single-colored continuous panels, which totally restrict the entrance of outside heat and light. In addition, its high-quality and thick slats protect the insides from the UV rays of the sun. Solar blinds are a modern-day need and the best fit for offices and homes.

Venetian Blinds

It is a combination of off-white slats. This design solution offers more control over sunlight entrance by accommodating a chain-pulley mechanism. Venetian blinds are suitable for the office and a home’s living room, as these retain some light inside even after closing.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are light-colored and suitable for windows stretching from floor to roof. These blinds' closing and opening are controlled by a "turn & twist" mechanism. Vertical blinds are usable in the office and at home.

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Our Excellence in Window Blinds Design Solutions

With the below skills and expertise, Interior Studio Ace is confident to satisfy your requirements related to window blind design solutions.

  • Experts and designated and experienced.
  • The window blind design solutions are weather-fit for Dhaka and other locations in Bangladesh.
  • All of the window jalousie design solutions ask for reasonable prices.
  • Timely work completion.
  • Daily updates and real-time responses.
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All-in-One Design Solutions at Interior Studio Ace

Interior Studio Ace has multiple teams specialized in different interior design categories. Along with window covering design solutions, you can avail of the below services at Interior Studio Ace in Dhaka and throughout Bangladesh.

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It is a misunderstanding among the people. Window blinds can be purchased in Bangladesh for affordable prices.

Window blinds serve the same functions as curtains, but offer more control and an eye-catching context.

Yes. Interior Studio Ace guarantees the durability of the provided window blinds. However, regular cleaning is essential to increase durability.

When all the interiors in homes, offices, recreational places, etc. are catching on to modern solutions, it is not logical to stick with those old curtain-related concepts. It is the time to find modern, affordable, and updated décor for the window coverings, i.e. window blinds.
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