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Modern Penthouse Interior Design Service in Dhaka Bangladesh

Penthouses sit on top of skyscrapers with maximum comfort, privacy, and classy views. Luxurious commercial and residential places need spectacular interiors. These spacious spaces have terraces and balconies. Versatile charm shows across the place.

Interior Studio Ace top interior design company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our skilled designers provide creative penthouse design ideas that make your building stand out beautifully.

Plush Penthouse Interior Design

Plush Penthouse Interior Design Ideas

Creative decor solutions can fine-tune your duplex penthouse experience. Top designers in Bangladesh offer stunning interior ideas, such as -

  • Spotless color combinations.
  • Private outdoors.
  • Luxury furniture.
  • Winding staircases.
  • Breathtaking light.
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Colourful Penthouse Decor for Soothing

Colourful Penthouse Decor for Soothing Comfort

Color schemes may vary across the landscape. All color palettes go well, be they deep or muted. We can bring changes in different parts of the place. Living rooms and bedrooms thrive in diverse tones.

Interior Studio Ace considers the walls, furniture, carpets, and fabrics. So a coherent outline becomes apparent. White walls look excellent before dark-toned furniture. Also, we can use neutral colors for everything except a bright floor. A classic penthouse in Bangladesh appreciates the right colors for a consistent design output.

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Penthouse Interior Design for an Exclusive Outdoorsy Atmosphere

Penthouses in Dhaka can bring the outdoors in. Large open spaces define them. You can choose from tons of modern and contemporary design elements. Being close to the skies, rustic and earthy layouts give a nostalgic feel too. Some penthouse details -

Master Bedroom Design

Wrought Iron & Antique Furniture

Potted Plants

Potted plants

Soft lighting

Soft Lighting

Textured Textiles

Textured Textiles

Planter Beds

Planter beds

Raw Materials

Raw Materials

Posh Furniture

Posh Furniture is Offering Utmost Relaxation

The ambiance, and floor surface influence the furnishings. Besides, your lifestyles and requirements become prominent. An ordinary choice can ruin the atmosphere. Also, you must avoid mismatched elements.

With Interior Studio Ace, all these factors sync finely. Tiny alcoves inspire exciting seating arrangements. Moreover, polished wood gives a vibrant and inviting air. A formal look comes from sectional sofas and couches in the living room.

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Spectacular Winding Staircases for Class

Spectacular Winding Staircases for Class

Our designers can immediately raise your property value. Penthouses across two or more floors need vintage stairways. Spiral staircases can redefine your notion of vertical movement. They showcase impressive colors, designs, and finishes. The railing tops can display rare plants.

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Slick Doors & Windows for Penthouse Design

Slick Doors & Windows for Penthouse Design

Plenty of doors and windows make ventilation smooth. Interior Studio Ace offers several ideas -

  • Floor-to-ceiling frameless windows
  • Glass facades for inviting luxury
  • Simple colors
  • Door canopies
  • Flush, paneled, sliding, and louvered doors with distinct entry & exit styles
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable wood details
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Penthouse Decor in Dhaka

Right Light for Stunning Penthouse Decor in Dhaka

Artificial lighting comes with natural light. They enhance a healthy living place. Well-lit space can even hide architectural flaws. The penthouse becomes gorgeous with ceiling pendants, cabinet lamps, chandeliers, delicate LEDs, and scones.

Top Dhaka designers from Interior Studio Ace equally emphasize shadows and lights. We rarely use bright light. Soft light is great for study rooms. Calm lighting puts your bedrooms at ease. Shared spaces and exercise rooms benefit from sharp lighting giving you spirit.

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Interior Studio Ace curates each room. We make all objects appear as if it has been made specifically for this space. Deep research goes into the selections. We keep you updated about the whole process and take your approval every step of the way. Our hassle-free customer service ensures your satisfaction.
Sometimes, these beautiful, fluid spaces come with high ceilings. We create the sense of a private gallery. Large expanses of walls and windows help it. Add to the mix several artworks. There you go!
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