LEED Standards Building Design in Dhaka

LEED Standards Building Design in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, in short LEED, is a green building certification program. It identifies projects for innovative building that practices and strategies sustainability.

Sustainable design strategies are very important for maintaining eco-friendly environments. Interior Studio Ace understands this importance and provides designs that follow LEED building concepts. We provide credible designs that meet your needs.

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Why You Need a LEED Building Design?

  • Practicing the LEED concept can help in effective cost and energy savings
  • The indoor air and daylight provide a better quality of life to the people in the buildings
  • Promoting clean and renewable energy
  • It can help to grow the productivity of the people living or working on that building or even the neighborhood indirectly
Requirements for Getting LEED Certification

Requirements for Getting LEED Certification

  • Site sustainability
  • Sustainable and innovations in design
  • Water and energy efficiency
  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Materials selection and natural resources
  • Indoor environmental quality
  • Overall carbon footprint
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How We Develop LEED Building Design?

Primary Analysis

After consulting clients, we make a primary analysis of the proposed project. We analyze the site, climate, and financial context regarding the project.

Defining LEED Objectives

We strictly follow the purpose or objectives of LEED. Our design strategy includes strategy development, sustainability dashboards, and quantified high environmental performance and LEED compliance.

LEED Feasibility Study

Before moving on to designing, a feasibility study is essential for any project so that we can make a detailed assessment of the project design against LEED criteria.

Design Optimization

We arrange interactive workshops with our clients during the concept and design development stages so that we can integrate LEED requirements into the design.

Design Review

We submit a periodic project review about the LEED credits pursued such as concept, schematic, and detailed design.

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Building Specifications

After the design review, our expert team specifies the project building's architecture, landscaping, MEP, lighting, and energy production. To make sure our design meets the LEED requirements.

Budgeting and LEED Costs Estimates

We estimate LEED additional costs over standard construction costs with our clients.

Rendering LEED Models

Finally, we start rendering models based on our design. It includes daylight modeling, preliminary energy simulations, mandatory energy modeling for LEED credits, renewable energy production calculations, CFD modeling for natural ventilation, etc.

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Benefits of Having Our LEED Building Design Services

Benefits of Having LEED Building Design Services
  • Assessment in developing LEED-supported building design
  • Detailed design that maintains LEED standard
  • Designs developed by experts of LEED
  • Strategy with the usage of the resources more efficiently
  • Design that fulfills technical green specifications
  • Design that meets the project’s sustainable objectives
  • Coordination until the LEED certificate is granted
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Common Questions

The full form of LEED is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It’s a building certification program that identifies and certify the buildings that practice green concept and sustainability.

As new technologies are continuously introduced, we must keep the economic balance. Practicing green buildings will keep your space and the environment eco-friendly.

To achieve LEED certification, your building project must fulfill the requirements and pass the LEED Green Association examination. And the first step to do that is developing a sustainable design for your building project.
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