False Ceiling Interior Design

Glamorous False Ceiling Interior Design in Dhaka, Bangladesh

An attractive false ceiling creates an impressive atmosphere in a home, office, or private place. A well-designed charming ceiling can impress your guests or customers. That's why it is important to design a suitable false ceiling for your outfit.

Interior Studio Ace provides reliable false ceiling designs for different spaces in Dhaka and other cities of Bangladesh. Our highly professional interior designer can perfectly cover your demands and needs.

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False Ceiling Interior Design in Dhaka

Our Services in False Ceiling Design

Interior Studio Ace provides attractive false ceiling designs in residential spaces and commercial offices all over Bangladesh. We also design the interior false ceiling of-

  • Showrooms
  • Auditorium
  • Theaters
  • Jewelry shops
  • Restaurants
  • Gallery
  • Resorts etc.
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Types of False Ceilings Interior Design

Our expert designers are capable of making your dreams come true. Some popular types of false ceiling designs are as follows:

Gypsum Board Design

POP False Ceiling

POP (Plaster of Paris) false ceilings are most commonly used for almost every space. They are low-maintenance and long-lasting, good for cold and heat prevention.

Gypsum Board Design

Gypsum false ceiling is the most popular choice because of its lightweight and heavy load bearable features. It’s also thermal, moisture resistant, and soundproof, making it more usable.

Wooden Design Ceiling Design Services

Wooden Design

For a simple yet elegant look, false wooden ceilings will give you a rural vibe in your place. We can blend wooden designs with materials like metal or gypsum too. These are mostly suitable for cold seasons.

PVC False Ceiling

PVC false ceiling panels are strong and durable, water and termite-proof. They are economical, require less maintenance, and are suitable for all climates.

Plain Board Design

Plain Board Design

Board ceiling panels are more commonly used in-house because of their budget-friendly cost. It has alternate options with natural patterns and textures. That will give your ceiling a nice design work.

Fiber False Ceiling

Fiber false ceilings are often known as soundproofing and acoustic ceilings. These are ideal for commercial buildings in loud environments, such as theaters, shopping malls, retail showrooms, and offices.


False ceilings designed with metals are long-lasting. Material ceilings prepared of steel, aluminum, or galvanized. It’s easy to install, prevents fire, and is durable. More suitable for commercial and office spaces.

Glass False Ceiling

Most famous False Ceiling worldwide. The transparent nature gives a very attractive and eye-catching look to the room’s interior. It's most appropriate for restaurants, galleries, showrooms, jewelry stores, etc.

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Features of False Ceiling Designs by Interior Studio Ace

Excellent Features of False Ceiling Designs by Interior Studio Ace

Aside from an attractive look, we add other valuable features to your false ceiling interior design. Such as

  • Light-Weight False Ceiling based on Environment
  • Flexible, Durable, and Heat-Reducing False Ceiling
  • Less Maintenance ceiling
  • Fire Resistant and Soundproof
  • Simple and Aesthetic design
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Benefits of Our False Ceiling Design Service

  • Professional consultation
  • Proper site inception, measurement, and assessment
  • Skilled and qualified designers
  • Creative design that reflects your lifestyle
  • Different theme-based design facilities
  • Customized design facilities as per clients' requirements
  • 3D and realistic demo design visualization
  • Quality components-based design
  • Design alternative & vision aid solutions
  • Well-organized electric channel and wiring
  • Complete design delivery in a short time
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Frequently Asked Questions

Gypsum boards resistant to moisture are good at absorbing sound. They're also great at insulating heat. Gypsum boards that can withstand moisture are also eco-friendly.

A unique blend of water-repellent preservatives in a ventilated gypsum core is covered by a moisture-resistant green paper to create a waterproof gypsum board.

Yes. We do.

We will be available even after project delivery regarding logical conditions.

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