Hospitality space furniture design in Dhaka

Furniture Interior Design Company in Dhaka

Interior Studio Ace offers a full range of outstanding product styles and categories that adhere to genuine craftsman and workmanship required to satisfy all expectations. In addition, our custom capabilities allow for focused design interpretation. If we think about any business, we will realize that all industries require some sort of furniture. Universities, for example, require a substantial number of tables and chairs to supply their students with- not to mention the number of sofas and beds in demand for accommodation.

This is the same for hotels, offices, show homes, restaurants, hairdressers-you name it, there will be a need for furniture interior design.

If you are planning to open a restaurant then you will need a specific type of furniture which will fulfill your needs and match your restaurant’s criteria.

Specific Furniture Interior Design for Specific Purposes

You may have decided a specific color of sitting chairs for your restaurant which is unavailable in the market at that moment. What will be the solution then? When it comes to furniture design for different purposes, Interior Studio Ace will not go wrong. With specific furniture design for specific purposes, we are able to deliver our clients exactly the type of furniture they need.

We cater to a wide range of customer needs for cafe furniture, restaurant furniture, hotel furniture, retail center furniture, and function room furniture, offering in-house design and build, through to an installation Process and complete fit-out.

Furniture Interior Design in Dhaka

For franchisees and franchisors who value more of a custom product, the opportunities are endless through our in house team focused on furniture interior design. From a simple idea in mind, we make it to reality through fully developed design boards, we work closely with our clients to manage the whole design process and maintain design integrity allowing furniture for hotel, office, restaurant, cafeterias, retail places to be delivered exactly to the specifications agreed upon.

Furniture Design Sample by Interior Studio Ace
Furniture Design Sample by Interior Studio Ace
Furniture Design Sample by Interior Studio Ace
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