Hospitality Space Kitchen Design in Dhaka

Hospitality Space Kitchen Design in Dhaka

If you are planning to set up a hotel, café or a restaurant then hospitality kitchen becomes a very important sector you need to focus on.

Kitchen is the heart of a restaurant. The first key factor in the restaurant business is kitchen design. If your chef cannot prepare good food to the liking of your customers because your kitchen is poorly planned and ill-equipped, you are most likely to lose guests at a rapid rate compared to your competitors which have a well-planned kitchen.

Mistakes that have been made in the design of a restaurant dining room can be repaired or redesign more or less easy. But when we talk about the restaurant’s kitchen where the change of design requiring to make changes in the kitchen installations, such as those for water supply and drainage, electrical wiring, gas supply, and other installations then you have a big problem and more expensive task.

When you are designing a hospitality space kitchen then you should work with the professional kitchen designers and you need to consult the designs with the chef of your restaurant as well.

Interior Studio Ace has a professional kitchen design and operations experience that aid us in designing the optimum kitchens for your operation. We combine the latest cutting edge foodservice equipment with time tested technology to develop an integrated facility within your available budget.

When you design a food service facility, the kitchen must be designed as an efficient, space-conserving productive space. When our kitchen designers begin your project, we work with you to define the concept, develop a menu and clarify your methods of production. We work with your chefs and with our architects, interior designers, and operations personnel to ensure that the flow of the food product and operations personnel are most efficient.

Remember: your kitchen is the engine of your business and the goal is to take your restaurant on a long and successful ride. You need to ensure that the engine of your restaurant is designed for optimal performance. Investing time and money into the back end (kitchen) will increase the overall performance of your restaurant, which will result in financial rewards over the years.

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