CEO Desk Design in Dhaka

CEO Desk Interior Design in Dhaka

When it comes to corporate design, the CEO’s office is something that requires careful planning and attention. Executives need a space that’s comfortable, one that can support their specific working style and business needs while still leaving a good impression on potential business partners and clients. Given these requirements, things should be kept in mind as we proceed with design planning.

Commercial Desk Design for Your Office

It’s rare that an executive’s office is just an office; in most cases, it’s many different things all in one. It’s a place for working individually. It’s a place to hold small business meetings. It’s certainly a place where they’ll hold private calls. The space should reflect these different uses accordingly. Create different “zones” for each purpose.

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One zone can be for the CEO’s desk. Another can be for meetings, with a sofa or a small table and chairs for sitting and chat with others, either one-on-one or in a small group. (Provide a few guest chairs for visitors in front of their desk, too.) Depending on the areas surrounding the office, you may also want to incorporate sound masking material to cut down on exterior noise.

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Designing a CEO’s Desk for an Office Comes into the Equation

When designing a CEO’s desk for an office many things comes into the equation.

For example, if the desk is round in shape as you can see in the picture (The one in the middle) then it’s a desk best for a CEO who needs to hold a meeting with more than one person at a time and can perform multiple tasks at a time on his desk.

If you have a small office room and you just need an ordinary desk rather than a large one then you can choose from the simple desk design.

Obviously, an executive should have a say in their office design; they know better than anyone else the conditions under which they’ll thrive, so you should let their preferences guide your design scheme. But even so, there are a few functional things that we should keep in mind, like the furniture they’ll need: shelving for books and reference materials, a small table for their printer, a desk with a large surface area that also has drawers for file and supply storage, etc. A contemporary office is useless if it looks good but makes getting work done impossible.

CEO desk design varies on the job, the space of the office and most importantly the needs and choice of any individual executive.

CEO Desk Design Sample by Interior Studio Ace
CEO Desk Design Sample by Interior Studio Ace
CEO Desk Design Sample by Interior Studio Ace
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