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Steel is a durable component for any construction project, and so is its fabrication. Understanding the requirements of the construction and design accordingly of any steel fabrication project is crucial to improve steel buildings’ quality and solidity. Interior Studio Ace considers that while providing steel fabrication design solutions in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We deliver designs that are full-detailed and complete with all necessary markings.

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Building structures made of Steel Structure Design

Full Package of Steel Structure Designs

Steel fabrication generates all kinds of steel parts and details, such as Plate bars, metal sheets, rods, ladders, grating, beams and columns, pipe racks, industrial equipment, and more. We provide design for all types of steel parts.

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Steel Structure Factory Building under Construction

Popular Steel Structural Designs

We provide design for full steel structures of different types. Including information such as steel parts, their sizes, and shapes, quality of materials, etc. Such as

  • Frame structures
  • Grids structures
  • Web-Truss structure
  • Allied structure
  • Arch Structures
  • Cable-stayed bridge structure
  • Suspension bridge structure
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Different types of Steel Frame Designs

Panel Build by steel structures

Steel frames are the skeleton of any construction, consisting of vertical columns and horizontal beams. We provide different frame structure designs based on different industries and clients’ requirements.

  • Conventional Steel Frame: Steel frames are cut to the correct length and welded. These frames can be executed in a workshop or on-site.
  • Bolted Steel Frame: This is one of the joining methods. Parts can be joined in workshops and then bolted together on site.
  • Light Gauge Steel Frame: Available in L-shape, C- shape, or Z-shape. Mostly used for residential and small building construction because of its flexibility and lightweight.
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Dome Build by steel structures

Focus Point of Steel Structure Designs

  • Steel structures’ reinforcement design: with a proper adjustment and improvement of the bearing capacity of steel components.
  • Optimized component and joint design: Doing proper welding and beaming design for smooth installation.
  • Corrosion resistance design: by applying material, semi-permanent or permanent coating methods.
  • Fire protection design: by using fireproof materials such as thicker coating, a material with higher density, etc.
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Construct a New Building with Steel Structure Design

Steel Structure Designing Process

  • Selecting the sizes and physical features of the final project model
  • Measuring design properties and details such as structural solidity, deflection, texture hardness, lifespan, etc.
  • Assessing the type and quantity of raw materials.
  • Planning working methods, operations, and necessary precautions involved in building the parts.
  • Creating construction and assembly drawings.
  • Once the design is approved for construction, we deliver all the models to our clients.
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Seismic Protection of Steel Structures

Benefits of Having Our Service

  • Full assessment in design planning and budgeting
  • Proper project measurement and assessment
  • Expert designers and detailers
  • Proper materials-based design
  • Realistic demo design
  • Detailed and well-informed design
  • Long-lasting design solutions
  • Budget-friendly cost
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People Mostly Ask

It’s a process of cutting, bending, and joining different steel parts to create a new structure. These structures are used in construction buildings later. But these structures need to be designed first.

Steel frames work like a skeleton of any construction. Three main steel frames are Conventional Steel Frame, Bolted Steel Frame, and Light Gauge Steel Frame.

Frames are used based on the project. For example, light gauge steel frames are suitable for residential building construction because of their flexibility and lightweight.
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