Shopping Mall Interior Design

Modern Shopping Mall Interior Design in Bangladesh

A shopping mall is not just a purchase area it has become a medium of variety experience for the target consumers. So the Mall interior should be designed with various choices and delightful features that make it more needed and practical.

Interior Design Ace provides various interior design services, including shopping mall interior design all around Dhaka, Bangladesh. Whether creating a classy or a multipurpose mall, we offer designs according to the location and clients' branding strategy and needs.

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Features of Shopping Mall Interior Designs

The basic features of a shopping mall are stores and food courts. However, nowadays, people look for spare time, entertainment, and dining there besides shopping. Keeping that in mind, we provide different demanding features for designing modern shopping malls.

Food Courts Interior Designs

Food Courts

The food courts are a centric layer of appeal for countless shoppers. It provides a place for the customers to rest or chat between shopping. We keep the appeal of the food court in mind and set it in a suitable location.

Gaming Arenas Design

Entertainment Mediums

People look for activities in their spare time. Entertainment mediums like multiplexes, gaming arenas, play areas, indoor wave pools, amusement parks, etc., can keep customers and visitors engaged.

Shopping Mall Interior Design

Balanced Lighting, Floor and Space Planning

We ensure enough space and lighting systems while designing the shopping mall interior. Because open spaces and balanced light increase comfort. We also plan floor designs that are captive and keep a clean look to the visitors.

Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary Interior Design

To increase visitors’ engagement, we provide contemporary interior designs that keep customers returning. A dull-looking mall is never the first choice for visitors.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Technology-based interior designs can add an exciting dimension and help personalize shoppers' experiences. Digital signage can capture more attention and increase visitors’ engagement.

Small Shopping Malls Interior Design

Informative Layouts and Circulation Walkways

Small shopping malls are easy to navigate. But in large spaces, people might find difficulties with walkways. So in our design, we provide directional layouts to make it easier.

Booths Service in Shopping Mall

Booth Service

Having these features in any shopping mall helps visitors a lot. While searching for specific destinations but not getting them, helping booths can guide them. So we provide these features in our design.

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Design Process at A Glance

Design Process at A Glance

  • Consult with customers
  • Site estimations and find out the prerequisites
  • Provide vision aid sample design
  • Develop design after selection
  • Design modification, if necessary
  • Hand over the design on time
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>Advantages of Hiring Our Interior Designer

Advantages of Hiring Our Interior Designer

  • Delightfully affordable
  • We research your customers and design accordingly
  • Develop designs with skilled and qualified designers
  • Better 3D model rendering for visualization
  • Always provide alternative design solutions
  • Advanced with technology, time, and assets
  • Provide maintainable designs
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Shopping Mall Design

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FAQs About Interior Design

The basic elements of the most modern shopping malls are department Stores, stand-alone stores, and food courts. However, there can be more features like restrooms, entertainment areas, etc.
Different factors like promotional offers, display & signage, and entertainment mediums such as multiplexes, gaming arenas, etc, can attract them to the shopping malls.
By creating an impressive design for your shopping mall interior. Besides shopping stores, you can add different entertaining features to your mall to keep the customers engaged.
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