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Prayer Room Interior Design Service in Dhaka Bangladesh

Worshiping is all about concentration. So, the prayer room must be orderly and elegant. Such a neat setup inspires dedication to Allah during Salat. A messy environment can cause distractions. You must pray five times a day. So, Islamic prayer spaces get the highest focus. Interior Studio Ace is the best prayer room interior design agency.

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Prayer Rooms for Refurbishment

Types of Prayer Rooms for Refurbishment in Dhaka

Our design experts can revamp all prayer halls, including -

  • Mosques
  • Personal prayer rooms
  • Office prayer sections
  • Community prayer facilities for Eid and Janazah
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Mosque Interior Design

Highlight Properties of Mosque Interior Design

Mosques combine two streams of traditionalism and modernity. Nowadays, an air-conditioned outfit is a must due to summer temperatures. Central mosques showcase chandeliers. Long carpets feature the ground surface. So salat becomes comfortable by avoiding the hard floors. Often, Quranic inscriptions and calligraphic supplications appear across the place.

Lighting is crucial for several reasons. Worshippers come to pray and recite the Quran. Also, occasional Islamic programs take place inside the facility. These prayer halls make the best use of daylight. However, clear and soothing illumination is mandatory for the evening and nighttime prayers.

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Set the Right Tone for Your Prayer Room in Dhaka

Here, meditation and supplication experts point out prominent features of our ideal prayer room interior design. These worship unit tips add to the room decor.

Color The mood of the room essentially derives from the color. Vibrant colors can uplift and energize a bleak spirit. Soft colors give you a peaceful atmosphere. The religion of Islam prefers green for its symbols and presentations.
Silence A calm place is mandatory for salat. So posh carpets can serve you fine. Also, the rug prevents the sound of someone walking or tiptoeing around. Thus you can retain attention to ibadah. The cushioned mat protects your forehead and knees from pain and black spots.
Neatness A neat prayer room uses only necessities. Extravaganza in furnishings can spoil the spiritual aura. Calculate the number of people likely to pray in the room. Other worshippers come over on special occasions. Their seating and accommodation need careful planning. If flooring is an option, chairs become redundant. At best, one or two chairs may stay at the corners for people with physical issues. We would like to recommend a cabinet to store religious items, such as scriptures, prayer mats, etc.
Accessory Cool lighting, calligraphy quotes, and symbols can take your religious journey to the next level. Floral designs can further your peaceful state of mind. Use some plants to transform the prayer unit's interior design. Besides, long prayers require a soft pillow for restful minutes.
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Decorated Spiritual Sanctuary

A Decorated Spiritual Sanctuary for Religious Persons

Your faith and spirituality rely on proper meditation. Designing a comfortable and functioning prayer room is crucial for that. Interior Studio Ace sets up a clutter-free prayer unit with the right things at suitable locations. Purposeful landscaping removes all distractions. Also, the color pattern could be simple black and white to make it look down to the earth.

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Complete House of Modern Interior Design

Interior Studio Ace: A Complete House of Modern Interior Design

As per the client review it can be said Interior Studio Ace is a trusted interior design firm in Bangladesh. We Offer-

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People Also Ask

Pick a spot and set up a prayer mat or chair in a corner. Bring a spiritual reading alongside the mat. Then, daily prayer gives your prayer room a meaningful existence.
Typically, prayer spots require prayer books, caps & scarves, prayer mats, censers, candles, and other religious items. They can complement and enhance your worshiping experience.
Mosques use more than one bookshelves. Many Quran scriptures and hadith texts reside in these places. So mosque-goers need not carry scriptures to the mosque. They can recite those holy books inside the mosque.
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