IT Park Interior Design
IT Park Interior Design for Next-Gen

IT Park Interior Design for Next-Gen Technology Destination in Dhaka

Besides beauty and functionality, IT centers must impress researchers, clients, staff, and learners. So, these tech parks need cutting-edge styles and furnishings. Entire cities are being built around high tech-by merging architecture and nature. Interior Studio Ace’s landscape and decoration specialists deliver Bangladesh’s best IT park interior design.

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Inspiring IT Park Decor to Seize Business

Western digital park concepts combine with Indian tech facilities to deliver classic IT branding. Our world-class designers add their unique thoughts to your project. So, a feature-rich interior outcome satisfies the growing demand of the Bangladeshi IT sector.

Inspiring IT Park
  • Contemporary design & sustainability
  • Well-ventilated glass facade on the sunny side for breezy air & light
  • Adequate public space
  • Smart technological integration & automated offices
  • Controlled air & water quality
  • Emergency sensors & electric inputs
  • Blinds and operable windows allow control over the office environment.

The flush spandrel units make the facade lighting discreet. So, they protect lighting from dust storms. The facade detail removes gaps and ledges to ensure low maintenance.

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Fashionable Technology Display

Fashionable Technology Display in a Smart City

We create memorable tech-related business and learning spaces. Top IT design elements entice companies and training institutes to launch their headquarters at your place. Your brilliant IT park interior design includes digital signage, smart kiosks, robotic technology, and weather detectors.

Leisurely activities become meaningful with smart benches, parks, ID & tagging. Centrally air-conditioned conference rooms host seamless meetings and capture lucrative deals. Highly furnished hotels, squares, hospitals, and fitness centers give high-end privileges.

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IT Park Hotel & Lifestyle Decor

IT Park Hotel & Lifestyle Decor in Dhaka Bangladesh

Three or four-star hotels are a must for a thriving IT city. We equip all rooms with advanced amenities. Hotel fixtures include rain showers, fast Wi-Fi, in-room safe, and coffee & tea facilities. Let them lie on lounge chairs near the pool while enjoying a steak or kebab fest. So, guests never have to worry about anything beyond relaxation and work.

The entrances can use glazing and porches. Also, balconies and windows showcase minimal ornamentation. Large meeting spaces get support from nearby restaurants. Hence, employees and guests can enjoy a bustling atmosphere.

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Groundbreaking Interiors for Technology Hub

Interior Studio Ace offers an aspirational campus for all. The design aims to support a prospering community of computer gaming, software, and digital inventions. A poetic display exhibits the tech industry’s “evolution of innovation” curve. Horizontal sunshades supplement exterior glass performance.

Groundbreaking Interiors for Technology Hub
  • Solar-controlled skylights for stunning daylight
  • Sustainable design ideas
  • Visitors centers at an exclusive public gateway

The interior decor serves as a visual reminder. One can quickly identify the dedicated and intense work inside. Landscaped courtyard shows innovative expressions. The adequate presence of metal and glass suggests precision, transparency, and modernity. Our eco-friendly practices uphold creative sparks. Local ingredients ensure affordable IT park interior design.

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Our IT park interior design redefines the whole landscape of an IT center. It flows organically and complements any natural elements out there. Unique plant palettes match our taste for clean lines and geometric shapes.
Interior Studio Ace creates a common identity across the place. It includes amenity spaces and the scalability of the campus. We forge a vibrant and inclusive work environment. So, it can fulfill the expectations of today’s IT graduate candidates, employees, and employers. Your digital park in Dhaka attracts top talent. Everyone wants to join this community.
We develop smaller outdoor spaces. These places are launchpads for simpler functions. Informal meetings and greetings take place in such areas. Our designers raise shades and offer seating arrangements for groups or individuals.
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