Islamic Interior Design

Modern Islamic Interior Design to Reclaim the Glory

Stunning Islamic interiors are essential for homes, mosques, Islamic schools, and dawah centers. Beautification has long been a core segment of the Muslim civilization. You can spot marvelous mosques and cultural icons worldwide. Besides, Islam emphasizes optimum privacy, comfort, clean looks, and stylish presentations.

Interior Studio Ace delivers modern Islamic interior design services in Dhaka as well as all over Bangladesh. Less grandeur and more meaningful use of space are inevitable for Muslim interiors. Our decor experts convey your core message. People are now more about the visuals than the spiritual aspect of religion. So, superb interior outfits must be your top priority. We can do it for you.

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Islamic Decor from Interior Studio Ace

Scopes of Islamic Decor from Interior Studio Ace

We give you diversified Islamic interior design from the inside out. Thus your building structure gets redefined with Muslim individuality and modern elements. Let’s explore the structures we specialize in -

  • Homes
  • Mosques
  • Minarets
  • Islamic Schools & Academies
  • Muslim Cultural Centers
  • Jamia Madrasahs
  • Libraries
  • Dawah & Study Centers
  • Community Centers
  • Islamic Archaeological Sites
  • Museum of Islamic Art
  • Islamic Financial Institutes
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Top Islamic Interior Elements That Truly Matter

Top designers in Bangladesh dive into action with purposeful layouts. For instance, phenomenal carpets keep the place clean and ready for prayers and restful times. Our decorative layout involves brilliant art and furniture. We walk you through all elite Muslim interior items. Interior Studio Ace uses -

Top Islamic Interior Elements
  • Calligraphic visual art & arabesques are obvious choices.
  • Persian & Turkish rugs for prayer spark aristocracy.
  • Gardens & fountains could be irreplaceable segments of your story.
  • Radiant colors & motifs cheer up your space.
  • Geometric shapes & symbols add unique perspectives.
  • Effective ventilation & lighting are a must.
  • Exclusive stones give it a formidable look.
  • Glass chandeliers & carpets fly you back to a golden age.
  • Floral designs on ceilings, walls, arcs, and domes ensure beauty.
  • Handcrafted Quranic inscriptions do the messaging.
  • Colorful mosaic enlightens the space.
  • Broad courtyards, arcades, & porticos offer a class.
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Islamic Home Decoration Services

Islamic Home Decoration Services in Dhaka

Islam forbids human shapes and animal images in homes. So, our primary inspiration comes from calligraphy. It applies to mosques, homes, and all other Islamic decorative concepts. Then, spectacular colors, patterns, and designs form the core of a family space.

Patterned small tiles can make extraordinary differences inside the guest rooms. We can hand you a magical place using the cool lights of candle lamps and chandeliers. So, your anniversaries and celebrations become more meaningful.

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Common Questions

Muslim decor outfit abandons human and animal portraits and shapes altogether. Also, you cannot use symbols from other religions. Haram components and extravaganza are discarded as well.

Yes, we use them to refurbish joyful walls, the back of furniture, and the floor surface. Green becomes evidently meaningful across your interiors. Sensational green & blue mosaic and golden metal works bring exclusive outlooks.

Well, we take from all 1400 years of glorious Islamic traditions. The Muslim culture has passed through many layers by coming across many civilizations. But it holds onto a unique identity in beautification. We consider those exceptional ingredients in our design approach. Muslims have expanded their daily lives into numerous territories. We hold the basic tenets dear to our hearts in spreading the best Islamic interior design.
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Please tell us about your residential home space or commercial space requirements. One of our creative, modern interior designers or interior decorator will walk you through our service options.