Top 10 Interior Design Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Nowadays, the taste of people is being changed. They don’t just live in a flat or do an office regardless of the lucrative and decorative interior that also represents the personality of the house or office. Pleasing surroundings offer you more energy to do any task and provide inner satisfaction also.

Whether it is home or office every individual has a dream to own a house for themselves and there are people who want to decorate and make their home or office colorful and this is possible only with help of interior designers.

Expert hands can shape a home or office remarkably as it is their career that gains creativity, technical know-how, professional and industrial skill in space, building, architecture & human lifestyle. Here we are going to list the best 10 interior design companies in Dhaka, Bangladesh:

1. Interior Studio Ace

Interior Studio Ace is a leading interior design firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Interior Studio Ace offers a fresh, creative, and unique solution for interior design projects.

It is our aim to create a smart place for our clients-places that are easy, cost-effective, and innovative yet stand out in the crowd for its appeal.
Interior Studio Ace
Rongin Interior

2. Rongin Interior

They are providing one-stop interior solutions across Dhaka if need they offer their services outside of Dhaka also.

Their aim is to make their clients' life easier, maintaining quality, and also contribute to the industry with visionary interior solutions.

3. Authentic Furniture

Authentic Furniture provides the right home furniture for your house. Their elegant home furniture is meant to transform your home into a diversified living space according to your needs and tastes.

Your home will look like a modern habitat with our exclusive furniture at proper spots. The unique feature they offer is an interior solution utilizing their own furniture.
Authentic Furniture
Mistry Tech Limited

4. Mistry Tech Limited

A modern interior design and decoration provider company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They offer a wide range of interior services aimed at meeting your specific requirements.

As a modern interior firm, They are equipped with expert architects and the latest technologies prevailing in the industry.

5. Interior Concepts BD

Interior Concepts BD provides a wide range of interior services according to your taste and demand. The combination of talented hard-working architects and the latest technology makes their service flawless.

As a modern, professional interior design company, they always come up with a service tailored to meet your certain requirements.
Interior Concepts BD
Optimal Interior & Consultancy Service

6. Optimal Interior & Consultancy Service

They are committed to providing such remarkable customer service that our customers feel compelled to remark about it.

They are extremely proud of the many long-term customer relationships that they have built under well-organized plans, beautiful, eye-catching, and attractive structures, which can ensure the best and proper utilization.

7. Zero Inch Interior’s ltd.

A dynamic full-fledged interior design & fit-out company/firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh, established in the year 2009, comprising a vibrant, dynamic team.

They specialize in contemporary cutting edge modern, biophilic interior design and construction of corporate office, office design, apartments, duplex houses, five-star luxury hotels, resorts, restaurants, cafes, and other superior private and public facilities in Bangladesh.
Zero Inch Interior’s ltd
Dream Touch Architects Ltd

8. Dream Touch Architects Ltd.

The top Interior design and exterior design company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They provide wide-ranging and complete design services beginning with an initial design concept through installation and detailing of final design rudiments to complete the project.

9. In-art Studio

They know the science of interior design that affects your well-being as well as productivity.

They have more than 10 years of experience in Architecture, Interior design, landscaping & custom furniture design.
 In-art Studio
VAAZ Interior

10. VAAZ Interior

Project Management Services square measure offered for every kind of subject area and interior style comes incorporating the co-ordination of services of multiple vendors, watching of timelines and budgets, facilitation services, chase work progress and getting ready essential reviews and setting punitive courses pro re nata
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