Restaurant Kids/Play Zone Interior in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Kids Zone is a place where your children build literacy skills in a playing and interactive way. Kids Zone is a place specifically designed for children to play there safely.

A playground is usually designed for children where they can spend their time with other children by playing. They can improve their communication skills with others.

They can also learn different things from their friends. Kids Zone helps children to develop physical coordination, strength, and flexibility, as well as providing recreation and enjoyment. Kids Zone is the place where the time of spending supports the social and emotional development of kids’ mentality.

Kids Playground Design for Your Restaurant

Nowadays people try to spend their quality time in restaurant outings with relatives, friends, and family for relaxation as well as recreation, they would like to capture every moment of cheers in their life.

For many cases, celebrating birthday parties, meet-up programs, and family get-togethers are not possible to arrange in our own house because of shortage of space, lack of hospitality, and extra burden on homemakers. In the meantime, restaurants have become the first and best decent alternative of celebrating such programs with some beautiful souls, restaurants are often used for celebrations such as kid’s birthday parties or for family gatherings.

Consequently, Children and their spending power should not be underestimated. Children are one of the best customers that can become one of your best guests if their parents are considering that your catering facility is good enough for the whole family.

If you can offer them such memorable hospitality that attracts them to your restaurant, they have the power to make their parents lifetime loyal customers of yours. So, while you have quite a large restaurant that has enough space to accommodate a kid’s play zone then you should not make any further delay!

Kids Playground Design for Your Restaurant
How Parents Feel Relaxed While Dining!

How Parents Feel Relaxed While Dining!

In Bangladesh, we still believe in family bonding and to strengthen the bondings we spend time with our beloved kids.

Wherever we go out, if we plan for dining at a restaurant, we search for a place where our kids get proper care of or could spend their time with happiness.

If there is no availability of hospitality space for kids, that makes the situation tough for parents while eating a meal without interruption and irritation.

If the restaurant owner ensures the facilities for kids, parents would not think twice before selecting their best dining restaurant for family gateways.

We Care About Your Kids Safety

Sometimes the safety and security of kids' zones are disputed. According to the given data, in the kid’s zone, about 45% of playground-related injuries are severe–fractures, internal injuries, concussions, dislocations, and amputations but in modern times the playground-related injuries come down to less than 5% In a modern kids zone, the main focus is to ensure the safety of children.

Kids Zones are now using the cotton mat for the ground as the main injury concern comes from the ground of the kids’ zone. Interior studio ace ensures 100% safety for the kid's play zone for your restaurants.

We Care About Your Kids Safety
Available Services You will Get Here

Available Services You will Get Here

Our designs can be easily modified by the space as your shopping mall is designed, your customers as well as most importantly your budget while implementing the strict design standards to create safe, fun, and exciting play experiences for kids of all ages that would also maximize the highest return on investment.

Our Main Focus on These Key Factors

  • 3D Design
  • Ensure Safety
  • Colorful Playing Equipment
  • Ensure Clean & Hygienic Environment
  • Ensure a Maximum Space
  • Suffocation Free Environment
Our main focus on these key factors

Why the Clients Choose Us

A better plan can change the whole outcome of a project. Interior design must start with perfect planning. By visiting the site, we plan the best design for our customers by taking ideas from them and combining our ideas for the best result.

After planning, accordingly, we promise that we will finish the work as planned. We take the challenge and focus on the execution. For customer satisfaction, we implement the planned design and make it to perfection.

Kids Zone designing is a different task from normal designing. We provide safe playing equipment for kids as the safety matter comes first.

We will give you the best service in Dhaka with an efficient budget where others are looking for money.

We focus on our work rather than focusing on advertisements for the reason that our works satisfy our customers.

We make sure that you get the best output of your valuable investment after finishing our task and.

We assure you that all the works go perfectly. If any errors are found then solve them quickly and smartly.
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