Interior Design Cost in Bangladesh

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs.

Interior design was once an option in our country. But over time, people have come to realize that interior design is not optional at all. The interior design plays a significant role in keeping the residents happy and sound both physically and mentally.

Irrespective of whether it is a home or office, wherever you are at this moment, if it is designed well, you will feel good about it. Otherwise, it will just make you feel unsound.

The cost of interior design is not fixed anywhere in the world, let alone in Bangladesh. Because interior design is a very subjective matter.

What is beautiful in your eyes might be ugly in someone else’s eyes.

Also, the cost of interior design varies a lot depending on so many factors. In this article, we are going to talk about the cost of interior design in Bangladesh.

Cost of Interior Design in Bangladesh

The cost of interior design is different for homes and offices. Normally, offices need high-end interior design materials that add to the cost of interior design in the case of offices.

Interior Design Cost for Offices

1. Interior Design Cost for Offices

The interior design cost for offices, in terms of subjectivity, is the same as home interior design. Because, it varies from office to office what materials you will you, what type of design you will do, etc. That is why it’s not easy to mention a certain cost of office interior design.

The price of office interior design may be subject to the size of the space, type of materials, depth of design, etc

Home Interior Design Price

2. Home Interior Design Price

In this case, the price can be assumed as the type of design and material are similar in most cases. Though it’s not common for an interior design company to offer package pricing for home interior design, it’s doable.

We offer fixed-price packages for home interior design services.

Home Interior Design Packages With Cost (Including Materials)

For Standard Premium Exclusive
2 Beds, Living Room, Kitchen ( 800 sq ft - 1100 sq ft) BDT 13 lakhs BDT 15 lakhs BDT 19 lakhs
3 Beds, Living Room, Kitchen (1101 sq ft - 1500 sq ft) BDT 15 lakhs BDT 19 lakhs BDT 25 lakhs
4 Beds, Living Room, Kitchen (1501 sq ft - 2000 sq ft) BDT 19 lakhs BDT 25 lakhs BDT 30 lakhs

The above pricing includes the following services:

False Ceiling

  • A Grade 12 mm plain Partex Board (star brand) with Berger matt enamel paint 3c.
  • Standard size Gorjon wood with supply all imported hardware materials.
  • Make side false ceiling at Bed, living & dining full ceiling.

Light and Ware

  • 4” Led-COB Spotlight
  • -8 watt (12-month warranty) china good brand with 1.5 Rm cable BRB & 12 mm flexible
  • pipe.
  • T5 Led Diffuse light. And switch socket use Superstar brand.
  • Sufficient light & use some hanging light.
  • Technician from Technician

Kitchen Cabinet

  • 18 mm Veneer board side finish by ctg shegun wooden beat.
  • 18mm gorjon plyboard sink side use.
  • 6mm pvc board with all hardware materials ss high quality and hydraulic hinge.
  • Labor Use from Conspert Ltd. Make (Standard quantity).

Finishing Materials

  • Lacquer polish/ DOCO paint by Belgium brand /Toya &
  • Inner side hand polish by imported polish materials or matt enamel paint
  • Technicians from Conspert ltd.

Wall Color

  • Easy clean-3c.
  • Berger.
  • Use technicians from Conspert ltd.

Wall Cabinet

  • 18mm Veneer board side finish by ctg shegun wooden beat.
  • 18mm Gorjon plyboard sink side.
  • 6mm PVC board with all hardware materials ss high quality and hydraulic hinge.
  • Technicians from Conspert ltd.
  • One cabinet per room (standard size) & one Dinner wagon & One Tv cabinet.

Wall Cladding

  • 12 mm veneer board
  • With lacquer polish and white lacquer

The detailed cost of home interior design is available here.

Final Thoughts

Under the above cost, you will get quality materials without any hidden charge. Premium design is available in all of the plans mentioned.

If you are planning to design your home, you can pick any of the packages from the list above. Also, you can always customize any package based on your requirements.

And, for offices, we offer fully custom services to meet your requirements and to enable the functionalities in your office.

For the best interior design within your budget range:

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A better plan can change the whole outcome of a project. Interior design must start with perfect planning. By visiting the site, we plan the best design for our customers by taking ideas from them and combining our ideas for the best result.

After planning, accordingly, we promise that we will finish the work as planned. We take the challenge and focus on the execution. For customer satisfaction, we implement the planned design and make it to perfection.

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