Drawing Room Interior Design in Bangladesh

What’s the first room you see when you enter a house? It's normally the drawing-room. This is the room that gives you the first impression of that house and the taste of the homeowners. Hence, you need to think about a quality drawing room for welcoming your guests.

In this article, we are going to show how you can design your drawing-room. You are going to explore ideas along with expert suggestions about color, furniture, placement of items, and so on.

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What is a Drawing Room & Why It’s Design Should Be Different?

As we said earlier, a drawing room is the first room you see when you enter someone’s house. This is not the regular family zone. This room is mainly dedicated to welcoming guests and having discussions and meetings with them.

Unlike a living room, a drawing room gets a rather formal and functional ambiance which is suitable for welcoming guests and having meetings with them. Light color and simply arranged elegance make it different from the rest of the house.

Drawing Room Interior Design in Bangladesh

Interior Studio Ace provides quality drawing room interior design services in Dhaka, Bangladesh. As an experienced company in providing home interior design service, we know how to create the right mood in your drawing-room. Some aspects of our drawing room interior design service are as below:

1. Modern Drawing Room Interior Design

If you are looking to have a modern drawing-room, you are just at the right place. Interior Studio Ace experts design and decorate your drawing room and make it suitable for your house in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Modern Drawing Room Interior Design
Simple Drawing Room

2. Simple Drawing Room

Simple drawing rooms are becoming more and more popular in recent days. There are logical grounds behind keeping a drawing-room simple. It’s not the casual family zone. It’s for guest reception and meetings. So, simplicity is important.

3. 3D Drawing Room Design

Our experts create 3D designs for your drawing rooms and after having talks with you about the design, we go for implementing that design. And, obviously, there might be some preferences from your side, which we will incorporate in the design.

3D Drawing Room Design
Large or Small Drawing Room

4. 10 X 12 or 10 X 14 and Large or Small Drawing Room?

Big or small, 10X12, 10X14, or whatever the size of your drawing room is, we design it to match your house’s overall ambiance. So, no matter if it’s 10X12 or 10X14, just contact us and have a wonderful drawing room for your guests.

5. Latest & Luxurious Drawing Room Interior Design

We keep ourselves updated about the latest trends in drawing room interior design. So, we can provide you with the latest types of design. Color, furniture, placements of materials- we consider every aspect of a drawing room and make it a very functional place for your guests.

If a luxurious drawing room is what you are looking for, we can help you with that. As we collaborate and take your preferences and ideas, we make them truly yours.

Latest & Luxurious Drawing Room
L Shape and Rectangular Interior

6. L Shape and Rectangular Interior

What’s the shape of your drawing room? Is it L-shape or rectangular or square? The design should be different for these types of shapes.

We can place furniture and other items in a certain way in an L shape while in the case of rectangular shape, we have to take a different approach. The square shape will have quite a different design.

Drawing Room Interior Ideas & Tips

1. Harmonize With the Overall Ambiance of the House

When we design your drawing room, we need to consider the overall ambiance of your house. Otherwise, it won’t align with the other parts of the home. The harmony will give your family a pleasant feeling at home.

2. Place Simple Furniture

Since the drawing-room is for guests and meetings with them, fancy furniture may not be suitable here. Rather, the simplicity of furniture will make it pleasing. The appearance of the room should give the guests a welcoming and pleasant feeling.

3. Keep Bookshelves Instead of Fancy Items

Keeping bookshelves can be a way to make your drawing room elegant. It won’t make a scattered look. Rather, bookshelves can make a room more pleasant.

4. Use Light Color

Dark colors are not suitable for drawing rooms. These rooms serve the specific purpose of welcoming guests and having meetings with them. So, dark colors may harm the functionality of the room. Light color is very workable in such situations.

5. Make the Wall Simple

The wall is a crucial part of the drawing-room. Two main elements will change the total ambiance of the room. One, the color of the wall, and two, the items hanging on it. We will choose both elements in a way that fits your requirements.

Final Thoughts

The drawing room has a lot to do about giving the right impression to your guests. It welcomes your guests and gives them a pleasant feeling when they come to your house. So, making this something special is important.

And, we shouldn’t confuse this room with the living room. The living room is dedicated to family time.

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A better plan can change the whole outcome of a project. Interior design must start with perfect planning. By visiting the site, we plan the best design for our customers by taking ideas from them and combining our ideas for the best result.

After planning, accordingly, we promise that we will finish the work as planned. We take the challenge and focus on the execution. For customer satisfaction, we implement the planned design and make it to perfection.

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