Bengali Home Decor Style

Modern Bengali Home Decor Style with a Stunning Look

Rich Bangladeshi culture appears in Bengali home decor style. The genuine aura of indigenous life comes from it. Bangladeshi home interiors have slowed down due to space shortages. However, the top home interior provider in Dhaka knows how to convert your place. Modern Bengali home decor style blends aesthetics, functionality, and local elements at a low budget.

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Room-Wise Bengali Home Decor Style

A variation in design is apparent across Bangladeshi house design. One notices different ideas from room to room. Interior Studio Ace introduces an exclusive home interior layout. Let’s explore six (06) dominant Bengali home decor style concepts.

Drawing Room Layout

It is an abode for hosting guests. So we see a fine combination of comfort and neatness. Bright and colorful wall painting gives life to the place. Hanging wall mats and poetic quotations take it to another level. Bangladeshi motif curtains, jute mats, Nakshi art, and Shital Pati are integral. Also, we find one or two musical instruments, such as a setar and a harmonium, in a corner.

Bedroom Decor

Traditional Bangladeshi bedrooms feature lavish cushions and pillows. An extra large wooden bed goes along just fine as well. A small collection of books can give a fulfilling outlook. One or two flower vases brighten up the space.

Dining Room Interiors

Terracotta motifs and walls breathe life into Bengali dining room settings. A gramophone in the corner becomes a symbol of prestige. Alloy, aluminum, and lead crockery offer a powerful statement.

Living Room Layout

Living rooms are the centerpiece of a desi home. Minimal and sleek finishings inject fresh feelings into your veins. Lavish carvings make it the focal point of your residence. A swing is an undeniable part of the setup. A mirror delivers a homely look all along. Also, bright and colorful cushions soothe your eyes and limbs.

Bengali Home Decor

Kitchen Design

The hearth is the heart of conventional Bangladeshi interiors. Cooking varieties and eating are core to our lifestyles. We can locate a clean and functional kitchen in all homes. The burner and ventilation are common elements. The countertop, cabinet, and fridge ensure a wholesome layout. Highly organized cooking spaces contain spices and utensils.


Open verandas are the oldest and most prominent ideas. However, it misfits city life. Flower pots bring nature home. The balcony garden showcases vibrant flowers. And wooden tools set up an abode for thoughtful evenings. Occasionally, caged birds add grace to the space. Besides, clay motifs can become the next best thing.

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Component-Based Bengali Home Decor Style

A Bangladeshi house design holds several elements close to hearts. We can check out six (06) prevalent Bengali home decor materials.

Wooden Furniture

Solid wood furnishings are prominent in desi interior design. Extravagant and dark polished fixtures derive from Teak, Chapalish, Gamari, Shil Koroi, and Jarul. Beds, tables, cabinets, divans, rocking chairs, and doors last a lifetime. The wooden theme never runs out of fashion in Bangladeshi homesteads. These items show up in rooms, verandahs, and courtyards.


Bangladeshi homeowners portray nature, human, and godly images in their residences. Calligraphic texts in Muslim houses and deities in other religions are dominant. Besides, tons of modern paintings are emerging along with some conventional framings. Local artists produce tons of home-worthy portraits.

Reading Corner

Classy Bangladeshi urbanites are known for intense reading habits. So literary pieces by Nazrul, Rabindranath, and Mir Mosharraf are a must. The bookshelf features popular modern writers like Humayun too. Rattan swings and laid-back chairs activate the playful reading mood. Some native plants and charming lamps gather even the family's youngsters to this place.

Relaxing Chairs

Traditional Bengali homes entertain easy chairs or rocking chairs. This furniture can relax you pretty fast. They are strategically spread throughout the study, living room, and balcony. Wicker chairs derive from rattan, cane, and willow wicker.

Component-Based Bengali Home Decor

Fabrics, Photos, etc

Long, sleek drapes remind us of the golden age of Bangladeshi fabrics. Photos of family heads and ancestors hang high on the patterned walls. Musical instruments are noticeable in the place of rest. Most common devices are tablas, harmoniums, and ektaras.

Other Stuff

Bangladeshi pottery is a notable attribute of a desi home interior. Visitors and dwellers prefer them alike. Handcrafted artwork leads the show. Painted canvases lay depth to your refined sensibility. Burning essence and scented oil is a customary practice across all religions.

The family comes together in suitable spots on holidays and in their spare time. Typically, a centerpiece forms the core of such a place. This comfort zone features traditional floor mats, including patee, jute mats, and wooden tools.

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Last Words

Bengali home decor style portrays love and warmth for people and the land. It centers around our genuine way of life. Plus, an abundance of local items adds meaning to the interiors. It upholds our culture and tradition to a new height.

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