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Right Wall Finishing for A Perfect Interior

Building a posh home or your home renovation relies heavily on wall finish. Fine construction and architecture go down the drain if the wall paint looks poor. Amazing, unique, and custom finish can give your home remarkable durability and identity.

Choosing the right wall finishing for your luxury interior is the perfect beginning. It can significantly contribute to structural longevity and outlook by replacing boring decor with phenomenal views. Interior Studio Ace helps you get a dream wall finish in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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Wall Finishing in Dhaka

What is Wall Finishing?

Wall finishes are beautification elements. This ultimate touch boosts stylish visual appeal. They improve the interior and exterior look of the building. Wall finishes used for the interiors are quite delicate and need maintenance. The goal is to obtain maximum aesthetic coating.

Types of Wall Finishings & Materials

Wall finishes complement the building structure and deliver an outstanding feel. Smooth, textured, and other wall finishes can fulfill the construction project.

Types of Wall Finishings & Materials
Plastering Painting
Mural Wallpaper
Cladding Concrete Veneer
Textured Stencil

Let’s explore several wall finish components, too -

Cement Plaster Finish Marble Powder Finish
Laminate Finish Cement Textured Finish
Designer Mirror Finish Plaster of Paris Finish
Gypsum Plaster Finish Glass Mosaic Finish

Wall Finishing for Stable & Stunning Interiors

Several ideas help you while choosing the right wall finish for your luxury interior. Wall finish delivers a consistent home interior with eye-catching features. It resists sun, fading, blistering, fire, and rust. Great aesthetic value comes with it. The finish lasts longer if you use it with a quality primer.

Wall Finishing for Stable & Stunning Interiors

Beauty Value

Attractive interior easily wins the guests’ hearts. For interior design, people purchase costly chandeliers and centerpieces. They need not compromise on the wall finish. Thus, distinct bedroom, study, and living room layouts reflect your elegant choices. Most decoration and arrangements depend on excellent finishing.

Building Protection

Good finishing safeguards the wall against hazardous light, water, and other penetrative things. It maintains building integrity with a smooth and flat wall surface. Excellent finishes prevent damage and stains. They ensure the building’s durability.

Wall Finishing Strategies to Stand out

The best interior designers in Dhaka think beyond plastered finishes. Choosing the right wall finish for your luxury interior is a challenge. So Interior Studio Ace offers several top-drawer wall finishing solutions.

Wallpaper Wall Finish by Interior Studio Ace

1. Wallpaper Wall Finish

Glue attaches thick decorative paper to the wall. You can find plenty of wallpaper prints and patterns in the market. Getting a trendy wall design is just short of making the decision. You can reinvent the kids’ rooms, entertainment center, etc.

Note: Wallpapers cannot withstand humidity and water intrusion. Hence, bathrooms and kitchens are particularly unsuitable for it.

2. Stencil Wall Finish

These are thin sheets of plastic or cardboard sliced with a pattern. Stencils are applicable on all surfaces that accept paint. They are good accents for rooms, walls, and ceilings. Place stencils on the wall and glue them with paint or product.

Concrete Veneer Wall Finish

3. Concrete Veneer Wall Finish

Choosing the right wall finish for your luxury interior needs to consider concrete veneer. Modern residential, commercial, and industrial aesthetics use this material the most. It applies to wood, laminate, tile, and old concrete. It works well in bathrooms and kitchens too.

4. Plaster Wall Finish

Wet lime plaster solidifies into a limestone finish. It is long-lasting and breathable. So moisture does not get trapped in the wall. Lime plaster ensures mold and mildew resistance. It can enhance indoor air quality. Green building considers this item for carbon neutral properties.

Mural Wall Finish by Interior Ace BD

5. Mural Wall Finish

Murals are great for clean and intact walls. However, cracks, mold, dirt, wax, oil, and grease can fracture the artwork. So the wall must be clean before painting the mural. The primer helps the paint remain in place.

6. Paint Wall Finish

Painting offers incredible options when choosing the right wall finish for your luxury interior. It takes home-improvement projects to another height. You must pick the perfect finish for the paint.

  • Flat/Matte
  • Eggshell
  • Satin
  • Semi gloss
  • High gloss

Several concerns factor in your final preference. A careful assessment of traffic, paint sheen, and wall surface flaws gives you the right paint.

Textured Wall Finish by Interior Ace BD

7. Cladding Wall Finish

In Bangladesh, moisture-resistant wall cladding protects the walls from adverse weather effects and other irritants. It provides an additional layer of materials to the walls. Cladding protects from sun, wind, snow, and heavy rain.

Right now, this is the most appealing wall finish trend. Some variations include stone cladding, vinyl cladding, brick cladding, etc.

8. Textured Wall Finish

Whether you want an accent wall or a way to cover an architectural error, wall textures ensure stylish home interiors. Debating smooth vs textured walls mostly ends up in its favor. It adds excellent interior styles. Knockdown, orange peel, and sand swirl are the best textured wall finishes.

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Last Words

Wall Finishes improve the interior and exterior look of your building. Moreover, wall finishing is an excellent protection for building materials. However, it is pretty delicate. Plus, it requires a little maintenance. Trendy structures need the best wall finishes. It adds to the aesthetic appeal of the interiors and exteriors. You can get stunning wall finishes from Interior Studio Ace.

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