Latest Interior Design Trends in Bangladesh in 2022

Interior design is not a constant thing. It’s an art that reflects contemporary trends. The style that was trendy in 2015, may not be trendy in 2022. A homeowner, office professional, or interior designer, whatever you are, you need to keep an eye on the latest interior design trends in 2022.

If you know the current interior design trends, you can align your upcoming home or office design with it. And, if you are an interior designer, you can’t skip it.

You are going to have a look at the current interior design trends in 2022 in the light of Bangladeshi trends.

Current Interior Design Trends in Bangladesh in 2022

People’s taste changes over time. So many factors play significant roles in changing our taste. It has been happening in the interior design industry as well.

Bangladesh, being a growing country, is adopting modern aspects in almost all areas. Interior design is not an exception. With the advent of the internet, Bangladeshi people are getting aligned with the latest trends in interior design in the rest of the world.

Let’s take a look at the 2022 interior design trends in Bangladesh.

1. Use of Natural Lights

Interior design doesn’t only work with the decoration, it also creates an atmosphere in your house or office. The interior design works may start from the very beginning of your house’s or office’s construction.

One of the current trends is the use of natural lights in your office and house. It’s mostly related to the architectural design of the property. So, if you are planning to build your home, you can consult with an interior designer along with other professionals involved in the construction of the building.

Or, if you already have your home or office built, you can take interior design services to incorporate this latest trend within your existing space.

Use of Natural Lights
Use of Organic, Natural Plants

2. Use of Organic, Natural Plants

Bangladeshi homeowners and office professionals are moving towards using organic, natural plants in their homes and offices. Since the city life is becoming captivating, people now crave some greeneries and natural beauties around them.

The COVID reality has ignited this desire. Because of the COVID situation still prevailing in the world, people now don’t go out for all the reasons they would have gone in the past. So, they try to make their houses and offices filled with some greenery get a fresh look.

3. Boldness in Colors and Patterns

Minimalist interior design has been prominent in the world for a long time. Now, people are incorporating boldness in the minimalist design so they can diversify the design and make it unique from others.

From the color of the ceiling fan to that of the tiles, all now have to be bold enough to represent the year 2022. This is something like the rebirth of boldness in design.

The patterns had been very minimal in the past few years. Now, the patterns of your house or office have to be bold enough to keep them trendy in 2022. People in Bangladesh are incorporating this trend in their homes very well from the very beginning of the year.

Boldness in Colors and Patterns
The Root of Our Tradition

4. The Root of Our Tradition

In our personal experience, we found that people are getting more interested in incorporating the root of our tradition, especially in their homes.

Our clients are now looking to express our long-cherished culture in their houses. So, the use of cultural or traditional elements is becoming popular among Bangladeshis.

We can make our interior have a traditional look in many ways. Using traditionally familiar woods is one simple way to express our roots or tradition.

This traditional design has also been prominent in other parts of the world in 2022.

5. Curved Furniture

Nature is not straight. See the mountain, the river, the trees around you. They are not straight lines. All these natural beauties are curved in some way or another.

Since 2022 is known for nature-centricity in the interior design world, natural shapes have been on the rise.

And, curved furniture is a great way to show your love for nature. That is why curved furniture has been added to the list of interior design trends 2022 in Bangladesh and beyond.

Curved Furniture
Dual-Purpose Rooms and Spaces

6. Dual-Purpose Rooms and Spaces

Since we are undergoing another variant of COVID-19, and a new normal has been in place, our rooms and spaces are not only used for one purpose anymore.

For example, your living room is now the workstation at the same time. The home office reality has made this very normal even in Bangladesh. This is not only to be aligned with the trend, rather it has been the necessity of the time.

Since you may need to work from home, you need to consider the interior design accordingly so you can work seamlessly.

While designing your spaces and rooms for both work and living, it’s important to consider the functionality of a home office and the comfortability of a home. If you can combine both finely, you will have the right interior design in 2022.

7. Use of High-Tech at Homes

Technology advances at its own pace and so advances our offices and homes. High-tech products are now becoming an integral part of our home interior.

These devices can help us make our lives easier. Though the use of high-tech products is not that much popular in Bangladesh, it’s gradually taking its place in the country.

8. All-White is No More

In the past several years, a trend was noticeable which is all elements and spaces will be white. This all-white is coming to an end this year. Instead of this all-white everywhere, light colors are taking the place.

So, while designing and aligning with the latest interior design trends of 2022, use some light colors. This will give you some level of freedom that was not in the scene in the past several years.

Take a look at some of our home interior design projects.

9. 3D Art and Lively Elements

Using lively 3rd elements in interior design has been increasing in 2022. Since people are passing boring time at home, the design world came to help.

With the help of 3D arts, you can make your house creative and more lively. This way you can remove the boredom of passing more time at home.

10. Gym Just Inside Your Home

The gym just inside your home? Yes! The COVID-19 has made this a new normal in 2022. Now, as you have cut down the frequencies of going out, you need the necessary facilities at your home, right?.

That is why gym materials have become very relevant and a reality at your home. Thus, your home is becoming more diverse, multi-functional.

Final Thoughts

2022’s interior design trends in Bangladesh have a lot to talk about. There are multiple factors that have been affecting the interior design trends in the year. COVID-19 has been at the heart of all the factors affecting the design trends. It’s shaping how we see our house, how we use our house, and how we live in the house.

If you want to be in line with the latest interior design trends, Interior Studio Ace is here to help you. We are a team of expert interior designers and architects who always keep themselves updated with the current trends. Call us at 01743888878 or contact us here.