Importance of Lighting in Interior Design for Luxurious Outlook

Late decor expert Albert Hadley considered lighting and shades more than half the interior art. Why is lighting crucial? Poor lighting causes limited vision. But over-illumination drives headaches, fatigue, and tired eyes. Perfect light focuses on the right objects and persons. Interior Studio Ace can create a brilliant atmosphere using cutting-edge lighting technology.

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Types of Interior Lighting

Natural and artificial lights are two streams of illumination. The best interior artists harness the power of both.

Natural Light

Natural Light

Sun, moon, candle, and firelight are the organic sources. Sun or moonlight is beyond our control. Moreover, the building architecture and room orientation affect its sourcing. Besides, the cooler northern hemisphere sees weaker sunbeams than the equator. Daytime length influences natural light too.

Artificial Light

Artificial Light

Synthetic lighting has four segments: general or ambient, mood, task, and accent. All of them create layers and shades to make a place distinctly noticeable. Clear light is helpful in industries, medical, and security purposes. But warm light is fine for residences and hospitality industries.

Why is Lighting Important?

Accurate illumination is essential for interior design on so many levels. It can single handedly make a place comfortable, dramatic, or unpleasant. Therefore, the importance of lighting in interior design cannot be exaggerated.

Light helps us in many ways, such as -

  • Reading, writing, and equipment handling.
  • Creating an area of comfort or a privilege.
  • Producing aesthetic effects like displays, artwork, & shadows.
  • Safety for a facility.

For instance, an art piece in a museum can best use a spot-on downlight. Together, a darker background instantly draws the admirers’ eyes to the artwork. Consider an operation theater. Lighting is the difference between life and death.

Lighting Style Variations

Lighting Style Variations

The importance of lighting in interior design requires a list of different types of lighting.

  • Downlight
  • Uplight
  • Wall light
  • Floor light
  • Hidden light
  • Feature light
  • Pendant
  • Lamp
  • Integrated architectural light
  • Spotlight

Top light designers from Interior Studio Ace add insane depth to stages, auditoriums, clubs, hotels, art performances, and rooms. Individual settings need our unique light solutions.


  1. Downlighting creates unwanted shadows.
  2. Uplighting brightens up the whole place in brilliant luminosity.
  3. Spotlighting draws focus to the right places.
  4. Perimeter lighting, like coving or cornice lighting, adds an aura of vastness.
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Influence Lighting Intensity

Elements That Influence Lighting Intensity

Several factors increase or decrease luminosity depth. The light quality fluctuates depending on color palettes, room size, and layout. Besides, you must consider headspace availability, fabric choices, and furniture selection.

Moreover, reflected light creates an illusive atmosphere. Visionary tricks are crucial for interior light engineering. In short, light reflects on surfaces and better illuminates the concerned objects and persons. It appeals to the audience’s sense of vastness.

Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting is the Next Big Thing

Artificial intelligence accurately controls the intensity and color of your surroundings. This is the core of smart lighting. Climate crisis and energy conservation concepts are provoking smart lighting design.

Currently, the Internet of Things and Wi/Fi or Bluetooth-controlled lighting dominate the interior industry. They are reputed for their higher efficiency and precise output. You can autoregulate smart lighting from afar via Wi/Fi and Bluetooth. The importance of lighting in interior design is seemingly evident in smart lighting technology.

Cost of Interior Lighting in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Interior Studio Ace reduces your energy costs by a big margin. Cost-effective lighting technology and installation influence lighting bills. Let’s explore a few energy factors, such as -

  • HVAC energy
  • Lighting energy
  • Maintenance labor
  • Replacement materials
  • Recycling value

Stats suggest that lighting and HVAC share 85% of home and business energy consumption. So, inefficient lighting setup can further overload your bills. Interior Studio Ace brings down the number of bulbs while increasing the luminosity output.

Thus you need not replace too many exhausted bulbs. Fewer bulbs lessen labor costs as well. Smart lighting drains your wallet during purchase. But in the long run, it outperforms the conventional ones in terms of longevity and performance. Energy expenses further verify the importance of lighting in interior design.

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Interior Lighting for All Rooms

The importance of lighting in interior design becomes apparent as we take a walk through the rooms of your home. Different rooms need different lighting approaches. Here, our experts are going to break down the issue.

Interior Lighting
  • For bedrooms, a lamp, pendants, and wall sconces are fine.
  • In bathrooms, two wall sconces by the mirror are great.
  • In dining, a chandelier ensures even light distribution over.
  • For kitchens, tasks light down and uplight above the cabinet do well.
  • Living rooms can use task lights too.
  • Study rooms need a combination of natural light & adjustable desk lamps.
  • Staircase requires hanging lamps, scones, and recessed lights for safety.

Last Words

Only balanced lighting can draw attention to the right people and places. It sends an irrelevant section into oblivion while focusing on the cozy spots. That means it can drown all deficiencies of an ideal space. So one cannot overstate the importance of lighting in interior design. Check out Interior Studio Ace’s amazing commercial, residential and other interior designs.

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