Terrace Garden Design in Dhaka

Terrace Garden Design in Dhaka

Terrace gardens are now becoming popular because of the limited space in most cities. Gardening relieves stress, such that many people would even settle for roof gardens to keep this hobby.

A roof garden is a type of garden situated on a roof of a building. Ever since, humans have developed a fondness to growing plants on top of structures. Aside from the decorative benefits, these roof plantings actually provide temperature control, food, and habitats for wildlife, along with recreational opportunities and architectural enhancement. In certain cities such as Dhaka, due to the lack of gardening areas, many resort to terrace gardens.

This type of garden can be on top of building, taking care of its own waste and water supply.

With the help of our Professionals, you are able to expand numerous possibilities of gardening on your rooftops.

Terrace Garden Design in Dhaka
Best Terrace Garden Design in Dhaka
Best Terrace Garden Design
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