Rooftop Garden Interior Design in Dhaka

Roof Top Garden Design in Dhaka

In Dhaka or may in some other cities of Bangladesh, you have noticed some people have decorated their roof top so nicely with plants, flowers or grass or with other staff, when you see that decoration, you may just wonder that how nicely it has been made and may think: oh how nice, if my roof top would be like this!

Yes, of course. With our help you can decorate your roof top as well or even better than your neighbor.

A city roof top can be turned into the garden of your dreams. We have some great terrace garden design ideas and essential tips that you can use for inspiration on your roof top.

In today’s urban life where we have limited space for our gardens, roof or terrace garden provides a perfect solution to green up your residence or office. Life Green systems offers perfect roof garden solutions right from the water proofing to planting. A rooftop garden not only makes your space look good but also makes it feel good. Interior Studio Ace designs help get outdoors indoors. These not only help make your space aesthetically good but makes it environment friendly too.

Roof Top Garden Design in Dhaka
Best Roof Top Garden Design in Dhaka
Best Roof Top Garden Design
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