Out Door Pavilion Design in Dhaka

Outdoor Pavilion Design Firm in Dhaka

Pavilions are the perfect gathering place for any event. Whether you are hosting a dinner party or simply relaxing with your family, our elegant pavilions provide an inviting atmosphere for any type of fellowship. We use the highest quality of materials to ensure your pavilion will provide a lifetime of memories.

There was a time when pavilion could be seen in Bangladesh only in the picnic spot, resorts,sea side accommodations or in a luxurious hotel.

That time has changed now. You can own your own pavilion in the back yard of your home.

You are not leaving in a house? you are living in a flat of a high rise building. No worry, we can make a pavilion right on the roof of your Building!

You own a restaurant in which has a rooftop and outdoor seating arrangements? forget about seating arrangements under the umbrellas for your guests. Why not make a nice and elegant pavilion and bring your restaurant to a next level and allow your guest to experience the pleasure of dinning in a soft evening breeze which can just change the entire scenario of dinning.

Pavilion has some great advantages if you know where to put it, how to put it, with what to decorate it and what material to use in it.

Interior Studio Ace is master in this field of decorating and constructing whether it’s a luxurious pavilion or just a simple one for your back yard.

We all need a place in our lives where we can relax and rejuvenate—a place to enjoy relationships with family and friends. Pavilions made by Interior Studio Ace provide that space for a perfect backyard getaway. Introduce luxury to your outdoors.

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